Coarse Grinding

The Broadest Line of Coarse Grinding Solutions

Coarse grinding equipment transforms large-sized feeds into a targeted, smaller-sized material for further processing or final packaging. Some folks call coarse grinding equipment a commodity. But not at Bepex. For almost a century we’ve built our reputation – and the industry’s broadest product line – on quality, durability, and continuous innovation in coarse grinding solutions.

Why choose Bepex?

Bepex produces the industry’s broadest array of size reduction equipment for a wide range of food, industrial, mineral, and chemical applications. Feed can be wet or dry, large or small, and be ground down to an average particle size of 100 mesh. Need it smaller? Check out our fine grinding and micronizing equipment.

Complete Product Line

Bales of rubber. Wheels of cheese. Blocks of frozen meat.  If you’ve got it, we can grind it. Bepex offers grinding equipment custom built for your specific grinding challenges.  Our coarse grinding equipment spans a wide range of industries and applications, from rough chopping whole fruits and vegetables ahead of separation or cooking, to granulating compacted or densified materials into a target particle size distribution.

Field Tested Performance

For almost a century, Bepex and Rietz Manufacturing, our predecessor company, have offered coarse grinding solutions known for their efficiency, reliability, and durability. That’s why Bepex grinding equipment can be found on five continents across the food, mineral, , commodity-processing, and chemical industries.

Made and Supported in the USA

Built and supported in the USA, Bepex provides support, parts, and service with unmatched quality and speed. Plus our Minnesota-based Process Development Center is there to help design, build, test, and quantify the equipment needed to solve your coarse grinding process challenges.

The Broad Bepex Product Line Has Your Exact Solution

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RP Disintegrator Angled Hammer Mill

RP Disintegrator

The RP Disintegrator is designed for grinding, delumping, pureeing, and homogenizing. Its design provides operational versatility including quick cleaning, change overs, and maintenance. It grinds wet and dry materials to produce solid particles, fine purees, or pastes.

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Granulator Compact Hammer Mill


The Granulator is designed for precise granulation of dry solids, producing exact-sized, to-spec particles ranging in size from 4-100 mesh at high speeds. Its drop-through design requires little floor space and provides high-capacity milling capabilities in a small footprint.

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Extructor Sanitary Block Grinder


The Extructor food-grade grinder reduces the size of large blocks of frozen meats, fruits, or vegetables, or wheels of cheese ahead of downstream cooking. The reduced feed size exposes more surface area to decrease cooking and blending time.

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RD Disintegrator Heavy Duty Hammer Mill

RD Disintegrator

The RD Disintegrator is built for tough jobs like wet and dry grinding, shredding, pulping, and pulverizing. It excels in processing tough-to-grind feeds and features internal tramp material separation to remove unwanted materials, protecting the product and downstream equipment.

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RI Disintegrator Inline Wet Grinder

RI Disintegrator

The RI Disintegrator is an inline grinder used to delump pastes, slurries, liquids, resins, and solids held in liquid suspension in order to protect downstream equipment. Easy to install, replacing traditional strainers with the RI reduces clogging, maintenance, and downtime.

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Rubber Chopper Rubber Bale Grinder

Rubber Chopper

The Rubber Chopper reduces bales of synthetic and natural rubber to small, less than inch-sized pieces. The low-speed, high-torque design minimizes heat generation while providing massive grinding power. The smaller feed size speeds material dissolution prior to blending and compounding.

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Process Development

Step 01


All new inquiries begin with a feasibility study. These studies aim to provide preliminary insights into the viability of a commercial process. Using as little as 100 grams of material, we can begin early process design, develop plans for pilot-testing and/or confirmation, and begin providing early economic estimates. Our experience across our wide range of technologies gives us a unique ability to provide quick feedback on the feasibility of your process.

Step 02


From our learnings, we’ll begin the process development work. The primary work in this phase takes place in the form of pilot-scale testing in our Process Development Center. Our pilot tests look a bit different than what you may have experienced in the past. Each test is designed to measure the system performance and feasibility rather than that of any single machine.

Each system is custom assembled for each test. Our goal is to provide as much of a pilot-scale simulation as possible while gathering scale-up data to deliver on commercial capacities. When a certain technology proves ineffective, we’ll draw from our range of options to determine if there is a better fit. The Process Development Center is our sandbox to build, test, and revise to ensure we get every detail right.

Step 03

Budget Evaluation

With a successful pilot simulation completed, we now have everything we need to scale up and provide proposals for capital equipment with included performance guarantees.

Step 04

System Design And Build

After receipt of the purchase order, we begin with both equipment and system engineering. Each proprietary technology we sell is custom-designed and built per application. We do not have any off-the-shelf units. At this stage, your exact system begins to take shape, including auxiliary equipment, process flow diagrams, process and instrumentation diagrams, safety provisions, and more.

Step 05


After delivery and installation of your new system, Bepex will provide a mechanical check to ensure everything is placed according to plan. This is followed shortly thereafter by system commissioning. This is where our pilot-scale simulations become invaluable, as our team of application engineers, controls technicians, and sales engineers begin working with your team to successfully bring your system online.

Step 06


At this point, you’re up and running at rate, producing a quality product, but our work doesn’t stop there. 

Following commissioning, Bepex remains a reliable partner, providing quality OEM parts, immediate field service, process optimization, training, system troubleshooting, and more. We have consistently had high customer retention rates, and we believe it is due in large part to our comprehensive approach to serving our customers long after the original sale.

Never Settle for “Close Enough”

A broad product line, proven performance, and vast experience. Bepex has spent nearly a century building the best and broadest line of coarse grinding solutions to meet your exact requirements. Never settle for a competitor's worn, commoditized approach without at least considering the best. Reach out to your Bepex process expert to find out what you may be missing.

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