RD Disintegrator

Heavy Duty Hammer Mill

The Industry Workhorse

For almost a century, the RD Disintegrator has set the standard for heavy-duty hammermills. Since its introduction by Rietz in the 1930s,  field-proven processing experience and continuous innovation have resulted in the industry’s most flexible, rugged design.  Dry pulverizing. Wet grinding. Shredding. Pulping and more. The RD Disintegrator does it all in food, chemical, and polymer applications.

Grind Nearly Anything

Wet or dry. Large or small. Hard or soft. The RD Disintegrator accepts a wide range of feeds and consistencies and can grind up to 5 Mohs. Material considered “tough-to-grind”? Bring it on.

Remove the Unwanted

Separate unwanted materials while continuously grinding the remaining solids. From fibrous garlic and ginger skins, to shipping scrap like wire or shrink wrap, to other unexpected foreign materials, the RD Disintegrator continuously separates out unwanted materials as a separate stream – protecting your product and downstream equipment.

Built For Demanding Applications

The RD Disintegrator‘s rugged design delivers outstanding performance and reliability. Its heavy-duty, one-piece body design is built to handle the most demanding milling applications. Hard-faced hammers ensure the impact needed to reduce tough-to-fracture solids while extending wear life.  In specific applications, optional stainless steel construction or epoxy and nickel body coatings provide additional protection and corrosion resistance.


Sizing Screens

Split sizing screens allow for easy installation and removal. Thousands of possible screen designs and combinations are available to provide tight control over your particle size and specifications.

Blunt or Knife Faced Hammers

The standard design incorporates blunt-faced hammers that break or fracture particles to reduce their size. When shear is a better function than impact, knife-faced hammers are available.

Process Control and Versatility

The 360° primary discharge screen ensures uniform grind and minimizes product temperature rise. Optional sweep air systems add additional temperature control. Optional nozzles allow for introduction of liquids or gasses.

Easy Maintenance

Two hinged access doors provide quick access to screens and hammers for inspection, cleaning, or maintenance. Available door shields prevent buildup of sticky, pasty materials on doors.

Tramp Material Separation

Something get into your solids that shouldn't be there? Potentially destructive materials are separated out before they reach highly sensitive downstream components.

Optional Integrated Feeder

To provide a consistent feed stream without adding floor space, our direct-integrated feeder can be supplied to provide smoother operation.

How does it work?


The Bepex RD Disintegrator is a heavy-duty vertical hammer and screen mill, featuring a 360-degree sizing screen surrounding a series of hammers rotating at high speeds. The RD Disintegrator is capable of wet and dry grinding, shredding, dispersing, pulping, and separation of hard-to-grind fractions.


Given its versatility, the RD Disintegrator mill has been used in a variety of industries and applications. It can grind copra prior to oilseed expellers, mill raw garlic while separating fibrous skins, or serve as the oversize grinding mill in a variety of granulation systems.


Solids, whether dry or wet, are introduced into the upper chamber of the RD Disintegrator, usually via a conveyor or delumping feeder. An optional integrated screw feeder can be mounted directly to the machine to ensure consistent feed stream and to maximize throughput efficiency.


In most applications, a shaft-mounted pre-chopping assembly is the first point of impact in the machine. This helps break down larger materials prior to entering the main grinding chamber.


Materials fall by gravity into the main grinding chamber, where rotating hammers impact the solids and force them to the periphery of the shaft. There a sizing screen acts as a classifier, preventing materials that are not yet sized to specification from exiting the machine. When milled to spec, properly sized particles exit through the screen.


Any hard-to-grind materials or foreign materials such as metal, rubber bands, or plastic gloves fall by gravity into the secondary discharge where they are collected separately.


With its rugged design and consistent performance, the RD Disintegrator is often used in our compaction granulation systems as the oversize grinding mill. In these systems, the RD Disintegrator takes over-sized particles from up-stream granulation equipment and mills them to on-size specification.

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High Protein Ingredients

Corn Fermented Proteins

Corn-protein feeds are easily damaged in processing. Traditional drying equipment often damages proteins. Bepex’s proprietary drying technology dries non-pumpable, water-laden solids without excessive heat input. Plus it offers tighter control over product quality while utilizing far less utilities and floorspace.

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Old School Toughness Meets New Generation Demands

Introduced in the 1930s. Built in America.  Continuously proven and improved for almost a century. The RD Disintegrator provides old-school toughness, reliability and value for a new generation of processes and products.

Check out the grinding mill that others have aspired for decades to match.  Contact your Bepex process expert.

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