Who We Are

We’re The Material Transformation People

We design and manufacture industrial processing equipment.

That means we custom-configure and deliver processes and systems for nearly any material transformation imaginable. Using our exclusive range of technologies, we develop processes for your challenging applications.

We weren’t always known as Bepex.

Bepex is actually the combination of three core brands, Strong Scott, Komarek Greaves, and Rietz.

Each of these brands had unique strengths and in 1975 the Berwind Corporation merged all three to create a brand that would embody all these strengths under one name.


Strong Scott

Our history goes all the way back to the late 1800s with the Strong Scott Manufacturing company.

We stopped operating under that name in 1967, but the original Strong Scott building is still standing next door to us. Strong Scott provided thermal, milling, and milling equipment to several different industries. Instead of a processing equipment facility, it’s now a distillery. We often visit to pursue a deep understanding of our company’s roots, and while there, we may end up sampling some of the product.



In the early 1900s Komarek Greaves was started by Gustav Komarek.

This brand created patents and specialized in taking lumps of coal and turning them into briquettes that produced less dust and travelled better. This involved equipment designed for densification, granulation, and, unsurprisingly, briquetting. Komarek Greaves is still around today, but stands as a separate company from Bepex.



Some may also know us from the “Rietz Manufacturing Company”.

Rietz was founded in 1933 and originally named “Process Machinery Company” then renamed in 1949. Rietz specialized in processing equipment for the food industry. They were known for the disintegrators that they provided to the California produce industry. Rietz the company is no longer around, but plenty of Rietz equipment is.



In 1975, Berwind merged all three of these brands to create Bepex.

Bepex became a company that has the capability to process pretty much any type of material. Now, customers come to us when they need to process a material and no one else knows how to get it done. That unique ability comes from our deep history and breadth of experience and equipment.

That’s what makes us the material transformation people. We’re able to take any material, from lithium to cottage cheese, and take it to the end-result you’re after.

The Legacy

We’re Bepex, but throughout time in our industry we’ve had many names. Learn more about our old brands here.

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Our Corporate Values


Driven by challenges and our passion for solving complex problems, we continually strive to innovate to meet your evolving demands. With roots dating back to the 19th century, our base of process and materials knowledge is vast and ready for deployment.


As a leader in custom process development, we take pride in assuring you of our commitment to confidentiality. Each and every process is unique and requires an honest and ethical approach from design through support.


We’ve been around a while. We understand what it takes to ensure a positive relationship with our customers. This is why we continually see high retention rates among our customer accounts. Bepex not only develops and provides process solutions, we know what it takes to make and keep them a reality.