Our Initiatives

Inventing the Future of Material Transformation

For almost a century, Bepex has been known for breakthrough developments in material transformation technology. Our heritage of innovation continues with our continued dedication to sustainability, environmental responsibility, and creating new value opportunities for customers in existing and emerging markets. Here is an overview of the initiatives that help define our corporate direction, strategy, and culture.

Feed The World More Sustainably

Since the 1930s, Bepex has pioneered progress in food processing and production.

Now the world faces new challenges – feeding an ever growing population on a planet with increasingly strained resources.

Food processing – especially drying – can be extremely energy intensive. So for decades, Bepex has pioneered new processing technologies to reduce the use of water, cut energy utilization, and produce lower emissions compared to traditional drying technologies.

Now Bepex innovation continues in new directions. From alternative sources of high-protein ingredients for human food and animal feedstocks, to producing alternative milks, we help solve the process challenges related to creating emerging – and more sustainable – food markets and products.

Enable Fuller Material Valorization

Valorization is a big word for an even bigger concept.

At Bepex, we’re material transformation experts. We recognize that material transformation produces waste. But locked inside that “waste” are opportunities to create further value. Transforming waste material into additional value-added products – valorizing it – contributes to our customers reaching their sustainability goals and to growing their bottom line.

The opportunities for valorization seem endless.  We help cat litter manufacturers capture waste dust and reprocess it into finished products. We help brewers transform waste yeast into high protein ingredients for food and animal feed.  And we continue to innovate; working to transform the leaves, stalks and cobs left in the field after harvesting corn into sustainable fuels to replace everything from coal used in energy production to aviation fuel used in jet airliners.

Reduce Energy Intensity and Carbon Footprint

Energy is not endless – once produced, it needs to be conserved and spent wisely.

While working to produce fuels from sustainable materials, Bepex engineers are also helping companies develop alternative forms of energy with lower carbon footprints -- especially in the automotive space. Bepex development efforts include cutting-edge work on lithium and graphite production for batteries – along with addressing the looming challenge of battery recycling to recover raw materials.

But energy awareness is nothing new for Bepex. We developed our broad line of processing equipment to provide the most appropriate technology for the job, while also minimizing its operational and environmental footprint. The result? Less wasted energy. Lower emissions. And a reduced carbon footprint.

Expand the Frontiers of Feedstock Innovation

Processing technologies are constantly evolving, and so are the materials being processed.

Plants become “plastics”. Or high protein ingredients. Nuts become “milk”. Every day, it seems processors are faced with the opportunity – and challenges – of using alternative sources for their functional ingredients.

But often, new options require new thinking to scale into real world production. New feedstock options often need to be heated, cooled, dried, reacted, devolatized or further fiddled with to get to the exact specifications needed to produce a superior product.

That’s where Bepex steps in. From transforming old-school starch into cutting edge adhesives to modifying plant-based thermoplastics to exact processing specifications, we help our customers thrive in a world where feedstocks constantly evolve and new processing challenges constantly emerge.  We work together to produce products that are biodegradable, renewable, recyclable or just plain better.