Agglomeration of Sticky Materials


The Bepex FlexTurbulizer was designed specifically to address difficulties seen with materials that often build-up or become sticky when processed with conventional mixers. This paddle mixer offers the performance of a continuous high-speed and high shear Turbulizer while integrating the self-cleaning mixing operation needed for those hard-to-handle materials. The unique design allows for use in a variety of mixing processes.

Advantages and Features

  • No buildup on the walls decreases the wear on paddles and the mixing chamber
  • Consistent granule size, shape, and density on a continuous basis
  • Self-cleaning chamber minimizes material buildup, providing a more consistent power draw
  • Allows for higher liquid loading which produces a more uniform product in a dust-tight operation

The particle size is controlled by adjusting the water and binder addition rate along with rotor speed in order to match the unique density or particle-size-distribution specifications that are required.

Solids are most commonly force-fed horizontally into the mixing chamber. Liquid injection is introduced through a jet rotor design, which can allow for customizable multi-point liquid injection. As the solids and liquids are mixed, a roller cage rotates around the outside of the flexible housing. This action depresses the housing a fraction of an inch, which is enough to prevent any hard layers of buildup on the walls of the mixing chamber.

This technology, as well as traditional rigid housing paddle mixers, low-pressure extruders, and more are available for testing in our Process Development Center. Complete your agglomeration system with upstream conditioning, or downstream drying and curing to fully simulate your process.