Adjustable Disc Bed Dryer

Highest Heat Transfer Area in a Compact Footprint.

Designed for high heat loads and long residence times, the versatile TorusDisc offers more heat-transfer area without taking up a lot of floor space. That makes it easy to integrate into your current operations.

Drying for the Space-Limited

The TorusDisc packs more heat-transfer surface area into a smaller footprint. The jacketed vessel and rotor boosts capacity without taking up excessive floor space.

Speed with Control

Drying residence times range from minutes to hours, allowing for drying to exact PPM moisture levels. Rotor speed is independent of residence time and product flow rate; perfect for processing sticky, cohesive or other difficult to handle materials.

Churn through Tough Materials

Work through difficult solids transition phases in cohesive materials. The constant bed agitation from the rotor and the stationary bars helps promote even heat transfer while breaking up lumps and handling tough-to-convey solids.


Adjustable Paddles

Paddles mounted on the edge of the discs can be adjusted to promote conveyance and provide agitation of the bed to balance heat transfer. Paddles also are adjustable for product mixing so back-mixing of wet and dry product can be accomplished in one step.

Range of Solids

The TorusDisc can process a variety of solid materials and consistencies including free-flowing solids, slurries, gels, filter cakes and pastes.

Material Agitation

While the adjustable plows provide solids conveyance, stationary agitator bars split the discs on the rotor to help reduce any lump formations while agitating the bed to promote higher-heat transfer.

Pressure or Vacuum

The design of the TorusDisc can be adapted for operation from full vacuum up to 50 PSI for specialized drying needs.

Patented Feed System

Our patented double-dump valve system provides a consistent continuous feed while maintaining operating pressure inside the vessel.

Low Maintenance

The TorusDisc operates at lower RPMs than other indirect thermal technologies, minimizing strain on rotating drive components including bearings and seals.

How does it work?


The TorusDisc is an indirect thermal technology designed for high heat loads, long residence times and gentle-to-medium agitation in heating, drying, desolventizing, cooking, crystalizing and cooling applications. Capacity ranges from a few hundred pounds to tens of tons per hour.


The TorusDisc is a horizontal unit, consisting of a tubular vessel and disc rotor. The TorusDisc is designed to maximize heat-transfer surface area in a compact footprint. So both the vessel walls and the rotor discs are jacketed, allowing for thermal fluid to increase the available transfer area while saving floor space.


The TorusDisc may be equipped with single or twin rotor, depending on material characteristics and the heat transfer required. The standard design for flowable solids and easy-to-handle materials utilizes a single rotor. When space is restricted or we need to overcome a difficult material transition phase, dual intermeshing rotors are used.


Wet materials are metered into one end of the TorusDisc . The material forms a bed, which is under constant agitation from the rotating discs. The rotor speed is selected to maximize heat-transfer and to provide agitation. Adjustable paddles mounted on the discs provide conveyance, allowing for residence times of 10 minutes to multiple hours. Stationary breaker bars can be mounted to the vessel walls in between the discs to help break up cohesive materials and ensure even heat transfer.


As the bed level rises, it surpasses the height of an adjustable discharge weir and the processed material exits the machine.

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Industrial Materials

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