Industrial Screw Press

Powerful, Compact Fluid Removal

The Bepex S-Press is a high-capacity, continuous screw press designed for mechanical dewatering, juicing, or solvent removal. It’s often used to remove as much liquid as possible before further, more costly thermal processing. Its sanitary design and easy cleaning makes the S-Press widely used in the food industry.

Save Energy, Time and Processing Costs

The S-Press mechanically removes liquids prior to further drying, lowering the energy required for downstream processing.

Precise Yield Control

Pressure is adjustable so you can dial in your exact yield. That prevents over-processing, eliminates bitterness, and delivers better taste.

Easy Cleaning

Removable, split-screen design provides access for easy cleaning and maintenance. Optional CIP design is available to meet the highest sanitation requirements.


Powerful Results. Compact Size

The S-Press offers high throughput, continuous processing in a compact space. Materials that tend to pack or are usually considered unpressable are no match for the S-Press.

Maximum Output and Liquid Recovery

With three points of separation, the S-Press maximizes product output and liquid recovery.

Precise Pressure Regulation

Independently driven rotor and regulated cone section provides instantaneous pressure regulation.

Engineered to Prevent Clogs

Bepex’s proprietary design prevents material clogging the rotors and separation screens.

Screen Design Options

A variety of available screen designs provides additional versatility to meet your material and process needs.

Sanitary Design

All product contact surfaces are stainless steel and designed to meet food industry standards. All food contact points are readily accessible for cleaning.

How does it work?


The S-Press is compact and offers high throughput continuous operation. It is primarily used in dewatering and juicing applications processing a wide range of food and fiber solids.


Incoming feed enters the inlet hopper and is drawn into the main press section by the rotating screw. The inlet hopper has a screen on the bottom, allowing any free moisture in the feed to drain away. The horizontal screw then begins conveying the solids into the main pressing zone.


In the main pressing zone, the pitch on the rotor flights begins decreasing, exerting pressure on the material. The rotor is surrounded by a sizing screen. The screen features small perforations, designed specifically for the application, to allow for the separated liquid to pass while trapping the solids.


Stationary resistor bars intermesh with the rotor to prevent clogging and promote material flow. The screw flights continuously pass close to the surrounding screen, sweeping it clear of material and ensuring maximum liquid recovery.


Finally, a pneumatic or hydraulically driven pressure cone is located at the discharge, which imparts a final dose of pressure to remove whatever liquid still remains in the dewatered cake of material. When finished, the cake drops by gravity from the press. Residence time is typically 2-3 minutes.


To maximize recovery, liquids are extracted at three separate points: the inlet hopper, the main press, and the pressure cone.


The S-Press uses separate main drive and cone motors for independent control, ensuring high moisture removal and constant press cake discharge. Variable speed drives on both the main screw and the cone allow for fine tuning and for handling fluctuating feed rates.

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The Best Press for High Volume Fluid Removal

Powerful, high capacity fluid removal in a compact footprint. Maximize output while minimizing floor space used. Perfect for food and sanitary applications.

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