Sanitary Food Pulverizer

Extructor Sets the Standard for Block Grinder Reliability

The Extructor is a heavy-duty, food-grade grinder designed to reduce the size of large blocks of materials. The Extructor has long set the standard for reliability in reducing large or bulky food materials such as cheese blocks, frozen meats, fruits, or vegetables ahead of downstream cooking or as an initial meat grinder in pet food and animal feed production.

Low Speed, High Torque Design

The Extructor’s low speed, high torque design minimizes heat input into material while delivering the power needed for size reduction. This protects raw ingredients from early phase change or degradation.

Increased Operation Productivity and Profitability

Grind large blocks into small particles or chunks to improve melting or cooking efficiency. Decrease batch cook times. Debottleneck downstream steam cookers or melters.  The result is lower thermal requirements, reduced utility bills, and more product out the door.

Dependable Reliability

Block grinders usually are found at the start of a process line. If they go down, your line goes down. The Extructor’s rugged one-piece body construction, low-speed operation, and cantilevered rotor ensure continuous, dependable operation.


Food Grade Ready

Extructor’s easy-to-clean design is engineered for food processing operations. Outbound bearing assemblies prevent material contamination, protecting both your final product and the rotating components.

Dual Output Options

Break frozen materials into small chunks or extrude softer materials for further processing.

Built to Last

Low-speed high-torque operation reduces excess heat, minimizes wear from abrasion, and lowers stress on bearings and related drive components.

How does it work?


The Extructor is designed to serve as a sanitary workhorse, capable of grinding large or bulky materials whether thawed or frozen.


Blocks, wheels, drums, or other large materials are introduced to the inlet hopper, typically via a belt conveyor, manual feeding or custom-designed feeding pan.


The blocks of material lower onto a slow-rotating shaft and hammer assembly. The hammers on the shaft are claw-shaped, helping to grab the block and pull it into the grinding area.


The hammers start cutting the block into more manageable pieces while conveying them forward towards the discharge.


The material is further reduced while it is conveyed towards the discharge plate, which is designed specifically for the application. Options include perforated plates to extrude softer materials or hardened spoke plates to break frozen materials into small chunks.


The end result is a smaller product size with increased surface area, which drastically lowers the time and temperature required to melt, cook, or further condition materials.


In some meat-processing applications, the Extructor may be followed by a secondary grinder to produce ground beef, chicken, turkey, or other meats. This lowers the stress placed on downstream equipment and provides for a more consistent final product.

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Clean Label & Food Ingredients

Meat and Bone Broth Cooking

Bepex helps convert broth production and pressure cooking from batch to continuous processing – improving product quality and profitability. Bepex also offers equipment to grind and reduce blocks of meat, tissue, and bone into a consistent feed stream ahead of cooking – further increasing production efficiency.

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A block grinder that runs this well is easy to forget.

The Bepex Extructor’s rugged design has often been imitated, but its reliability and performance have never been replicated.

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