Coarse Grinding Dry Granulation Mill

Precise Particle Sizes. Every Time.

The Bepex Granulator is a versatile, horizontal shaft hammer mill, often utilized in our high-pressure granulation systems. The Granulator has been designed to deliver a controllable, consistent on-size particle each time, every time no matter how tight a spec you are trying to hit. Rotor options include blunt faced hammers for impact or knife edges for shear cutting, The drop-through design of the grinding chamber provides a compact footprint, minimizing headspace required and making it ideal for use in gravity flow operations.

Multiple Rotor and Screen Options

Grind dry solids into granules ranging in size from 4-100 mesh.  Rotor options include blunt faced hammers for impact or knife edges for shear cutting. Sizing screens slide into place. A variety of perforation sizes and types are available to best match the application requirements.

Compact Footprint

The drop-through design of the grinding chamber provides a compact footprint, minimizing headspace required,  making it ideal for use in gravity flow operations, and providing high milling capabilities in a small footprint.

Easy to Clean and Maintain

Easy entry through swing open access doors on both sides of the rotor makes inspection, maintenance, and cleaning easy. Rotor blades are designed to be durable, but also to be easily replaced.


Built for Demanding Applications

The basic rotor design is a single-piece, welded construction, available in finishes suitable for food or pharmaceutical applications. For more demanding materials or process flexibility, Bepex offers a stacked rotor design. The hammers are hard faced for durability with optional carbide tips available if more robust wear protection is required.

Fits Where You Need It

Pass through design minimizes footprint for easy integration into your process. Given its typical application in gravity-fed operations, the Granulator is designed to take up as little vertical height as possible. Even on large units, the height from the inlet to the discharge is under 20 inches.

High Capacity. Low Power Requirements

High hammer surface area provides efficient coarse grinding while minimizing power requirements. The single unit design is able to process up to 100TPH with less than 20 HP installed.

How does it work?


The Bepex Granulator is typically used in our compaction granulation systems where the goal is to output a hard, dense granule of a specified particle size. Yield is critical to the success of any granulation system, so the Granulator was specifically engineered to deliver consistent, precise, on-size results.


The Granulator’s operation is simple, reliable and efficient.


Dry solids fall by gravity into the inlet of the machine.


The horizontal hammer assembly begins to impact the solids, breaking them into smaller pieces. The standard design incorporates blunt-faced hammers that break or fracture particles to reduce their size. When shear is a better function than impact, we equip the Granulator with knife-faced hammers.


The sizing screen prevents material from passing until it is milled to the targeted particle size.


Sufficiently milled particles pass through the sizing screen and onto downstream processing.

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The go-to mill for compaction granulation and exact, on-size yields.

The Granulator’s powerful, compact design makes it the expert’s choice for producing exact, on-size particles.

Tight specs? No problem. The Granulator will reach your exact particle-size requirement. Find out how by contacting a Bepex process expert.

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