Continuous Pressure Cooker

Increase Throughput. Cut Costs.

Designed for batch or continuous operation, the Continuator allows processors to convert common batch processing applications such as pressure cooking  into continuous operations – increasing throughput, cutting costs, and expanding processing options.

Produce More with Less

Making the switch from batch to continuous pressure cooking means you use less floor space, require less utilities, and reduce your labor requirements.  Plus continuous processing results in higher capacity, less handling and risk of contamination, and greater overall efficiencies.

Extended Residence Time

When you need extended time and temperatures for difficult applications, the Continuator provides both.  For example, in the food industry, the Continuator is often employed in continuous pressure cooking applications In polymer applications, the Continuator provides longer residence operation for removal of tightly entrapped volatiles.

Complete Atmospheric Control

The Continuator is operable in atmospheric or non-atmospheric conditions, including vacuum and pressure treatment from full vacuum to 150 PSI.  Protect heat-sensitive materials through vacuum operation by lowering the boiling point of the volatile needing to be removed.


Dual Processing Capability

Able to operate in batch or continuous mode.

Improved Output with Lower Footprint

Continuous operation boosts throughput while minimizing labor costs and machine footprint.

Flexible Residence Times

Residence time can range from minutes to hours.

Multiple Rotor Options

Rotor designs are based on application requirements including material flow, necessary mixing, and residence time.

Atmospheric Control

Suited for both atmospheric and non-atmospheric operation. The Continuator can be designed to operate under vacuum or pressure. Gas also can be injected directly into the process for additional reacting or to produce an inert environment.

Patented Feed System

Our patented double-dump valve system provides a consistent continuous feed while maintaining operating pressure inside the vessel.

How does it work?


The Continuator bridges the gap between short residence time paddle dryers and long residence time disc or rotary dryers.


Used in a variety of operations, including mixing, drying, reacting, and devolatilization, the Continuator dryer is ideally suited for continuous pressure cooking or in batch operations for devolatilization or other long reaction time applications.


The Continuator design includes a jacketed vessel with a single horizontal rotor. The indirectly heated vessel and slow speed rotor keep materials in a heated, agitated state for precise control of drying, cooking, or other thermal reaction.


Designed for either batch or continuous operation, different rotor configurations provide flexibility in controlling material flow.


In continuous operations, material enters the Continuator and begins to form a bed in the unit. A paddle rotor provides conveyance while gently agitating the material to ensure consistent heat transfer from the vessel walls. At the discharge, a series of weirs help control both the height of the bed of material as well as the residence time. These weirs can be permanent, manually adjustable, or can be tied into your process for automated control.


In batch mode, material is introduced to form a bed inside the vessel. A multi-directional ribbon rotor keeps material circulating throughout the vessel, ensuring consistent blending and homogenizing multiple materials. The residence time is determined by the application. When processing is complete, discharge valves on the underside of the vessel allow the material to exit the machine.

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