State-of-the-Art Drying for High Moisture, Non-Pumpable Materials

Dispersion Flash Dryer

The Bepex PCX dispersion flash dryer processes high-moisture materials including non-pumpable wet cakes, pastes and slurries into a fine powder or small granules. PCX’ s proprietary design uses less energy, requires less space and is ideal for processing temperature-sensitive or organic materials.

Lower Energy, Emissions and Cost

The PCX takes material in a non-pumpable state. No need to add water just to convey and process. By requiring no additional feed moisture coming into the dryer, the PCX naturally reduces the energy required in drying. Lowering the heat intensity requirement lowers the amount – and expense – of fuel required for drying. It also lowers the resulting emissions.

Smaller Footprint

The PCX’s unique design provides a higher capacity in a smaller footprint. You’ll save both floor space and vertical space without the height of a spray dryer or the immense ducting of a ring dryer.

Protect Sensitive Materials

Material residence time in the dryer is under five seconds. Combined with PCX’s evaporative cooling design and typical one-pass operation, the short residence time protects temperature-sensitive materials while still achieving high evaporation rates.


Lower Energy Consumption

By reducing the feed moisture into the dryer, we reduce the energy required in drying. Plus we’ve partnered with upstream mechanical separation companies to deliver utility savings, lowering the overall cost per ton for your value-added product.

Drying without Dilution

The PCX’s proprietary drying technology handles viscous, non-pumpable materials without extra dilution for processing. Stop diluting your solids for pumping just to dry them again and waste water, energy and money.

Heat History Control

The combination of efficient, consistent drying along with evaporative cooling provides absolute control over heat history, ensuring the quality of temperature-sensitive and delicate products.

Adjustable Speed

You can adjust your speed to control shear and impact on your wet feed, resulting in a more controlled dried product.

Particle Size Control

Altering the plate speed and design as well as the volume of back mix allows you to obtain a wider range of particle sizes. Dried product ranging from a D(50) of 3 µm to small agglomerates are achievable.

All-In-One Operation

The high-speed dispersion can be adjusted to break down particles, producing a consistently sized, dry powder. This provides the capability to combine unit operations typically carried out separately in one unit.

How does it work?


A revolution in drying. The PCX is a unique dispersion drying technology designed to handle highly viscous, non-pumpable materials, transforming them into a fine powder or small granules.


The PCX will accept a feed of any consistency, including free-flowing solids, wet cakes, pastes and slurries. Wet feed is either dropped into the heated inlet air stream or introduced directly into the PCX dryer.


The PCX flash drying system utilizes A direct thermal design, meaning the process material is in direct contact with the heat transfer media. In most cases, this media is heated process air.


Inside the drying chamber, dispersion plates spread material into a thin layer along the periphery of the machine. Dispersion plate rotation increases solid surface area for rapid heat and mass transfer. This dispersion exposes particle surface area for more efficient drying, while breaking any wet clumps to promote more consistent drying. Rotating dispersion plates also provide intense mixing, removing the need for external back-mixing components.


The solids are in the drying chamber for no more than a few seconds. They are then pneumatically conveyed along with the moisture-laden air to a cyclone or baghouse lter collector. The moisture-laden air provides evaporative cooling for the solids, protecting temperature sensitive materials.


Following the dryer, a classifier or a baghouse filter collector separates the dried product from the process air. In some applications where build-up is a concern, a fraction of the dried product will be recycled back to the PCX to help serve as back mix.

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Better flash drying. Only from Bepex.

Reduce emissions, lower costs, protect temperature sensitive materials. All with Bepex’s proprietary PCX technology.

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