Air Classifying Mill

Better Control. Simpler Maintenance

Designed to produce fine powers with narrow size distribution, the Pulvocron offers a smart alternative to competitive fine grinding mills. Select your exact particle size. Heat or cool process air while grinding. The Pulvocron’s unique horizontal design also simplifies cleaning and maintenance while reducing downtime.

Complete Particle Size Control

Adjustable operating conditions including tip speed, air flow, and classifier speed provides precise control over the resultant particle size, material temperature, and capacity. Whether you want super-fine (D(50) of 3µm) or a coarse-meal 100 mesh, the Pulvocron delivers exact, consistent particle size.

Process Flexibility and Efficiency

Heat. Cool. Grind. Classify. All in one machine. Thermally conditioning the process air stream provides heating to simultaneously dry and mill wet solids or cool them to reduce resulting material temperatures and protect heat-sensitive materials while grinding.

Easy Maintenance. Less Downtime

The Pulvocron’s unique horizontal orientation of the rotating components simplifies maintenance, inspection, and cleaning. Its hinged access door and horizontal cantilevered design provide quick and easy access to internals,  reducing downtime.


The Right Tool for Your Job

The Pulvocron offers endless options for grinding and classification. Single or multi-plate configuration. Dynamic or static classifiers. Standard and custom profile grinding liners. Bepex engineers create the exact configuration needed to optimize your process.

Heat or Cool While Milling

Air classification requires process air. Heat the process air and the Pulvocron becomes an efficient mill and dryer. Or cool the process air to protect heat-sensitive materials while grinding.

Wear Resistant Materials

From ceramic liners to fully coated plate assemblies, Bepex offers a wide variety of wear-resistant materials to increase uptime; cut maintenance time, hassle, and cost; and reduce operating costs.

How does it work?


A typical Pulvocron installation incorporates a solids feeder, the Pulvocron, solid or air separators, and a system fan


Solids are fed either into the inlet air stream ahead of the Pulvocron or directly into the machine. The fan draws a negative air flow through the system, acting as the conveying force for the solids.


When needing to simultaneously dry and grind feed material, the system includes an air heater to heat the inlet air stream. This provides the ability to dry and grind simultaneously, drying along the constant rate drying portion of a typical drying curve. While processing, high-speed milling breaks apart materials, exposing additional surface area for more efficient drying.


Upon entering the mill, feed is dispersed by the primary hammers to the periphery of the machine, forming a thin layer of material.


The thin layer of material is impacted between rotating beater plates and a stationary liner. The rotating beater plates have hammers on the edges that begin impacting and breaking down the solids into smaller pieces. These solids are thrown into the grinding liner and further reduced upon impact. In some applications, up to three grinding plates are installed in a single unit to completely grind the solids.


The process air continues to pull solids across the machine at a steady, controllable rate and into the internal classifier where it is classified by mass into oversize and on-size particles. Oversize particles are rejected and recycled back to the inlet for reprocessing. On-size particles pass the classifier and are conveyed to a cyclone or baghouse separator.

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High Protein Ingredients

Plant Based Proteins

Bepex offers the most energy efficient, cost effective and environmentally friendly systems for processing plant-based production. Bepex systems require less energy and create less emissions. Plus they provide more control over protein modification, resulting in a higher quality product.

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Better control. Easier maintenance. Dual operation.

The Pulvocron. It’s an air-classifying mill that looks – and operates – different than the rest.

In a good way.

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