High Shear Industrial Paddle Mixer

Versatile, Instant Mixing at Speed and Scale

The Bepex Turbulizer is a continuous paddle mixer, able to achieve near-instantaneous mixing or agglomeration of liquids and solids. Utilizing a high-speed rotor with adjustable paddles, the Turbulizer creates intense turbulence with short residence times, resulting in high-volume production of  homogenous, dust-free particles.

Mix Anything

The Turbulizer provides near instantaneous mixing of solids-solids, solids-liquids, liquids-liquids, and solids-gas. Whatever your input, the Turbulizer accepts multiple feeds and outputs a uniform, dust-free particle size of up to 2-3 mm.

High Capacity. Small Footprint.

Low working volume and short, 2-20 second residence time makes efficient use of floor space and headroom while producing high throughput.

Continuous Mixing

Replace bulky and labor-intensive batch blenders and mixers with a compact, high-output, continuous paddle mixer saving time, space, and labor.


Strict Product Control

Adjustable paddles provide fully customizable rotor configurations. Gain strict control over residence time, shear, and mixing intensity.

Dust-Free Operation

Wet granulation or agglomeration tackles nuisance process dust, outputting a dust-free particle. Operate a zero-waste system and improve both the in-plant and end-user experience.

Finetune Product Solubility

Control granule solubility through variable shear, residence time, and particle growth.

Optional Thermal Conditioning

Optional jacketed vessels provide the means to heat or cool your mixture, whether to dry and evaporate, melt a binding agent, or control a reaction process.

Improve Handling

Transform fine particles into larger, cohesive masses through wet agglomeration. Improve material handling, transportation, and bulk storage conditions by controlling particle size and density.

Easy Cleaning and Maintenance

Available split-body design allows ease of access, cleaning, and maintenance. Outboard bearings and seals simplify maintenance

How does it work?


The Bepex Turbulizer is a continuous paddle mixer designed for diverse applications including dry powder mixing, hydrating hard to wet powders, slurry mixing, particle coating, crystallization, granulation, homogenizing, de-lumping, and finishing.


The Turbulizer can process multiple solids, solids and liquids, or multiple liquids. Granulation occurs through wet agglomeration, growing consistent particles by combining solids and liquids. The adjustable paddle rotor provides absolute control over shear and residence time, controlling particle growth to the exact specifications required.


Feed materials – individual solids or premixes – are introduced into the Turbulizer.


The paddle rotor begins to throw the solids to the periphery of the machine, forming a thin layer along the vessel wall.


Liquid feeds or binders are introduced, typically at the vessel wall through an inlet port and directly into the solids layer.


Intense turbulence from the high-speed rotor helps to blend the materials, growing consistently sized particles due to the impact from the paddles. The mixing intensity and shear are adjustable to precisely control your product requirements including particle size, solubility, density, and flowability.


Agglomerated particles discharge from the Turbulizer, usually into downstream drying and curing equipment to finish the particle agglomeration process.

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Industrials Materials

Industrial Starch Manufacturing

Bepex brings scalable, continuous processing to starch production. The Bepex starch processing system provides independent control over mixing, drying, heating, and reaction. That provides operational flexibility while creating superior product with lower production costs — so you can create a wide range of products with consistent, repeatable results.

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Clean Label & Food Ingredients

Starch Modification

The Bepex food-grade starch processing system offers independent mixing, drying, heating, and reaction processing. Adjustability in residence time, temperature and gas concentration allows for easy modification of color, RVA profile, or other functional requirements. That provides production flexibility while creating a premium product.

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Polylactic Acid

Bepex works with PLA producers to extend the uses for PLA polymers through post-processing thermal treatment. Bepex equipment crystallizes PLA pellets, making them easier to process, stronger, and less transparent. That makes PLA usable in more products, expanding markets for this sustainable solution.

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Synthetic Graphite

Bepex works with graphite suppliers to replace energy-intensive batch processes with continuous processing equipment that saves material-handling time, reduces floor space requirements, lowers energy and emissions, and cuts labor costs. That means higher capacity, lower operating costs and better cap ex returns.

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Instantly mix, coat, hydrate, homogenize.

The Bepex Turbulizer achieves near-instantaneous mixing or agglomeration of liquids and solids producing dust-free, homogenous, on-spec particles.

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