RI Disintegrator

Inline Wet Grinder and Delumper

Protect Downstream Equipment

The RI Disintegrator is an industrial inline wet grinder widely used for delumping pastes, slurries, liquids, resins, and solids in liquid suspension. It is designed for easy implementation into a pipeline, often installed in place of in-line strainers and ahead of process equipment utilizing fine-tipped nozzles. Replacing strainers with the RI means no clogging, less maintenance, and reduced downtime.

Protect Downstream Sprayers

Grind down solids, lumps or unwanted particles before they hit filters, screens, or nozzles. The RI Disintegrator eliminates the need for strainers and provides a consistent, lump-free slurry to protect downstream spray nozzles or other equipment.

Easy Installation

The RI’s compact footprint and ANSI inlet and outlet flanges provide easy integration into pipeline installations.  Either a vertical or horizontal layout is available, requiring minimal space.  The inlet and outlet flanges are standard pipe fittings, allowing for easy fit-up. The RI Disintegrator is designed for vacuum or pressure applications up to 150 PSIG, with typical flow rates up to 500 GPM.

Tramp Material Collection

An easy-to-empty, bottom-mounted tramp discharge area collects hard-to-grind or unwanted material, allowing for uninterrupted product flow while capturing unwanted or out-of-spec material that could damage downstream equipment.


Replaces Inefficient Strainers

The RI Disintegrator replaces inline strainers to eliminate lumps in pumpable materials, removing the hassle of having strainers which clog and require constant checking, maintenance, and downtime.

Multiple Design Options

A variety of screen types are available ranging from simple round or square holes to special rasp-type openings or mixing screens. Hammer options range from blunt to knife-edges. Select either stainless steel or carbon steel construction with an optional epoxy lining for additional corrosion resistance. The list of design options goes on. Create the exact solution for your processing challenge.

Easy to Clean and Maintain

The single-band, clamped cover allows easy access to internals for maintenance or cleaning without disturbing inlet or outlet connections. The cantilevered rotor isolates bearings from product and allows for quick removal of contact parts.

Seal Options for Pressure or Corrosion

Designs ranging from standard packing glands to double-mechanical seals allow for operation up to 150 PSIG or for protecting your seal from caustic or corrosive materials.

Speed Dissolution

Accelerate the dissolution of solids in your solvent. By milling your solid particles, you expose additional surface area to help speed up dissolution in your process solvent.

Drive Options

Direct and belt driven arrangements are available to best meet your space, maintenance, and operational requirements.

How does it work?


The Bepex RI Disintegrator is a versatile, inline screen mill utilized in the food, chemical, and polymer markets. Its flexible design allows for grinding, delumping, and homogenizing and mixing slurries, pastes, liquids, and resins. Common applications include accelerating dissolving solids, de-agglomeration, or delumping prior to spray dryers.


The design of the grinding chamber allows for direct installation into a standard pipe system. Our inline disintegrator often replaces strainers as a means to eliminate lumps in pumpable materials, removing the risk of having strainers clog and requiring line maintenance and downtime.


Feed materials are delivered via the inlet pipe to the machine as slurries, pastes, or solids in liquid suspension.


The liquid and solids enter the inlet and flow directly into the rotating hammers.


The rotating hammers begin breaking down any solid formations, lumps, or particles. A perforated sizing screen surrounds the hammer stack. The solids must be small enough to pass through the sizing screen in order to discharge from the machine.


Hard-to-grind materials or foreign materials are unable to pass the screen and fall into the tramp material discharge at the bottom of the machine. This allows uninterrupted product flow while consistently removing undesirable materials from the primary process.

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Less Downtime. More Productivity.

In-line filters that require constant attention likely aren't where you want your operators and maintenance crew spending their time?

The RI Disintegrator breaks down these materials before they hit the screens, extending their life while improving yours. Less downtime due to clogged components means higher uptime and more productivity.

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