Roll Compactor

High Pressure Briquetting and Granulating System

Pressing Powders Into Shape

The Bepex Roll Compactor is a high-pressure compactor designed to dry press fine powders into larger granules, briquettes, pellets, or other specialized shapes.  The Roll Compactor aggregates material without adding a liquid binder, eliminating the cost and complexity of adding downstream drying processes.

Control Output

Whether in granulation or briquetting, you control the finished product.  From altering the particle size and shape in granulation, to producing an exact shape or size briquette, the Roll Compactor produces shapes of consistent size, density, strength, and solubility.

Conquer Hazardous Dust

Convert dust into densified granules or briquettes. Turn hazardous dust into non-hazardous, dust-free products to improve material handling or make disposal more economical.  Or transform waste dust into a value-added product.

Skip Downstream Drying

Pressure agglomeration removes the need to add liquids or binders for strength and cohesion, eliminating costly downstream drying operations.


Improve Operations

Compacting dust and powders cuts transportation cost, improves plant and operational safety, and solves bulk storage and handling issues.

Single Supplier Granulation System

When dense, dust-free granules are the target, Bepex can supply the entire granulation system, including proprietary milling technologies designed to maximize on-size yield.

Multiple Roll Designs

Multiple roll designs are available. Or we’ll create a custom design to meet your product requirements whether for dry granulation or specialized briquetting.

Vapor Tight Design

When it’s necessary to operate in an inert environment, we can employ an optional dust and vapor tight design for product containment and atmosphere control.

Consistent Feed

The pre-densifying feeder delivers a consistent stream of dust or powder to the compactor. Vacuum deaeration is available to aid in handling highly aerated feeds.

Pinned Frame for Easier Handling

Easily removable tapered pins allow for quick disassembly of the frame for easier installation, maintenance, and removal of roll assemblies.

How does it work?


The Bepex Roll Compactor is a high-pressure compactor, able to dry press fine dust or other solids into larger, cohesive masses with controlled densities.


The Roll Compactor is often implemented as a dust-control method, whether working to convert hazardous dust into a non-hazardous agglomerate, or for densifying fines to provide easier and more economical material transfer or transportation.


Agglomeration is performed by compressing the fine material between two opposed, counter-rotating rolls held under pressure.


Fine powders are delivered to the feeder assembly. The feed screw pre-densifies material, in some cases up to three times the original density, to deliver a consistent feed stream to the roll assembly.


As the rolls rotate, the specially designed pockets grab the fine powders and bind them together through pressure. Utilizing high pressure to agglomerate eliminates the need for a liquid binder and the ensuing drying or curing step required in wet agglomeration.


The Roll Compactor is most commonly used for either briquetting or granulation.


In granulation, the roll surfaces are designed to produce a sheet of compacted material called a “flake”. Following compaction, the flake passes through a granulation circuit, typically utilizing hammer and screen mills to produce the required particle size.


In briquetting, the rolls are designed with individual pockets of a specific size and shape. Common shapes include briquettes, almonds or pellets, tree spikes or other functional shapes. The briquettes are formed in a one-pass process, requiring no additional processing equipment outside of a finishing step if needed to clean or smooth the edges of the shape prior to packaging.


The resulting product, whether in briquetting or granulation, is a high-density, dust-free, slow dispersing solid mass. That makes pressure roll compaction as an economical option for particle enlargement, de-dusting, and densification.

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Clean Label & Food Ingredients

Meat and Bone Broth Cooking

Bepex helps convert broth production and pressure cooking from batch to continuous processing – improving product quality and profitability. Bepex also offers equipment to grind and reduce blocks of meat, tissue, and bone into a consistent feed stream ahead of cooking – further increasing production efficiency.

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