Self-Cleaning Paddle Mixer

Mix What Others Can’t

The Bepex FlexTurbulizer offers all the performance of a continuous, high-speed paddle mixer but is specifically designed to handle materials that traditional mixers can’t. Using a consistently flexing, self-cleaning mixing chamber, the FlexTurbulizer processes sticky, cohesive materials that often build-up and foul conventional mixers. The superior mixing and dispersion efficiency of the FlexTurbulizer also prevents nozzle blockages, mixing wall abrasion, and non-uniform application of surface coatings – all problems when traditional mixers are pushed past their limits.

Self-Cleaning, Flexible Mixing Chamber

The self-cleaning chamber results in less wear, more consistent power draw and superior granule quality when handling cohesive materials. Its specialized design promotes a unique interaction between the material and the flexible mixing chamber,  creating more consistently rounded particles.

Increased Uptime  

The flexible chamber eliminates solids buildup that is common in processing cohesive materials. This leads to higher uptime, minimizing the need to stop production for cleaning or maintenance.

Superior Particle Consistency

Turbulent action from the adjustable paddles results in each particle receiving uniform treatment. Your product will feature consistent shape, size, dispersibility, solubility, and strength.


Suitable for Everything

Mix solids-solids, solids-liquids, liquids-liquids, solids-gas, and liquids-gas.

Maximum Control

Adjustable paddles provide fully customizable rotor configuration. Gain strict control over residence time, shear, and mixing intensity. High-shear and controlled retention create stronger, denser particles up to 3 mm.

Short Residence Time

Turbulent action and adjustable pitch paddles assure quick, thorough mixing, shortening residence times to 2-20 seconds.

High Capacity with a Compact Footprint

Short residence time results in a high capacity machine that requires minimal floor space. The horizontal orientation also minimizes head room.

Controlled Liquid Addition

Add liquids through a specialized rotor. Full control over where liquid is introduced into the process ensures uniform distribution without fouling

Wide Range of Design Options

Application-specific options include a wide variety of construction materials ranging from industrial coatings to dairy grade polishes. Chamber material options range from industrial to food grade. Paddle options include molded polymer or polymer coating.

How does it work?


The FlexTurbulizer bridges the gap between high-shear agglomeration and the need for a self-cleaning mixing operation.


Using a continuously flexing mixing chamber, the FlexTurbulizer can easily process sticky, cohesive materials that would otherwise quickly build-up and foul traditional wet mixers.


Solids feed materials are metered into the inlet of the FlexTurbulizer


Liquid binders are pumped into a specialized rotor through adjustable paddles designed so you can specify exactly where the liquid enters the mixing process.


The intense turbulence from the paddle rotor begins mixing the liquid and solids. The paddle rotor disperses material into a thin layer along the periphery of the mixing chamber via centrifugal force.


During operation, the flexible mixing chamber is consistently depressed, clearing material buildup from the inner walls. This continuous cleaning cycle prevents excessive material buildup, while also minimizing wear and providing more consistent operation and granule formulation.


By adjusting the liquid addition rate and rotor speed, the FlexTurbulizer controls particle size to produce consistently sized and shaped particles that meet your exact requirements for density and dissolution.


Once mixed, the wet agglomerates are discharged from the FlexTurbulizer. Typically the FlexTurbulizer will be followed by a drying step (often a Bepex Fluid Bed) to help cure the newly created particles.

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Avoid foul ups. Unstick processing operations.

The FlexTurbulizer mixes materials that stick, gum up, and otherwise foul traditional wet mixers.  

Its proprietary design also offers more control over particle size. Higher capacity throughput.  Less maintenance downtime. And all in a compact footprint.

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