Heated Screw Conveyor

Process and Convey in a Single Step

The Bepex Thermascrew conveys material while providing gentle, uniform heating, cooling, evaporating, or roasting. The slow-rotating screw rotor protects delicate materials, preserving particle shape and form.

Gentle Conveyance

The Bepex Thermascrew gently conveys and mixes product, protecting it from breakage while providing consistent heating or cooling.

Process Flexibility

Thermascrew can handle a variety of material consistencies, liquid or solid, in and out. Its application versatility means you can heat or cool liquids, slurries, powders, or granules.

Efficient Footprint

Heat transfers through both the vessel and the rotor, increasing the transfer surface area while minimizing the overall footprint. Single or multiple screw designs provide additional surface area while keeping the footprint compact.


Efficient Heat Transfer

The Thermascrew provides full heat surface utilization with both a heated vessel and rotor. The rotor’s short-pitch screw design promotes gentle material tumbling, promoting more uniform and efficient heat transfer.

Residence Time Control

Near plug-flow operation means consistent time and temperature exposure for treating material and providing controlled, narrow residence time distribution.

Minimize Processing Damage

Even treatment and slow mixing action minimizes burning, sticking, abrasion, dusting, crushing, or breaking.

Thick Material Processing

Twin-rotor designs are available to process difficult, dough or paste-like materials. Intermeshing flights on the rotor helps promote more even heat-transfer while preventing sticking and promoting self-cleaning.

Steam Injection

Optional injection capabilities inject steam into the material for cooking or sterilizing applications.

Operating Cost Savings

Material is heated, cooled, mixed, or dried as it is conveyed, resulting in lower costs, increased efficiency and no product damage or spillage.

How does it work?


The Bepex Thermascrew is a jacketed screw conveyor offering high heat transfer surface area.


Both the vessel walls and conveying rotor are jacketed and can be thermally conditioned using a variety of media including steam, hot thermal oil, chilled glycol, or water. The Thermascrew provides gentle uniform heating, cooling, evaporation, or roasting.


In processing, material enters on one end of the machine. The screw’s gentle rotation begins conveying the material towards the discharge. The screw’s slow speed protects fragile materials from the breakage typically seen in other mechanical dryers.


The rotational speed of the screw controls the retention, or residence time, inside the Thermascrew. Both residence time and product temperature can be strictly controlled ensuring a consistent product.

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Convey, Process and Protect products…and Profits

The Bepex Thermascrew gently processes and conveys products in one step and one machine.

Less product damage. Greater efficiency. Lower space requirements. You get it all with the Bepex Thermascrew.

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