Low Pressure Extruder

Mix. Knead. Extrude. All in One Step.

The Bepex Extrud-O-Mix low-pressure mixing extruder bridges the gap between mixing/blending and particle enlargement equipment. It uniformly mixes powders and liquids to produce pastes or consistent, free-flowing pellets or granules. The Extrud-O-Mix combines the mixer, kneader, and extruder into a single unit,  simplifying your process flow.

Combine Processing Operations

Mix, knead, form, and extrude, all in a single unit.  The Extrud-O-Mix continuously mixes powder and liquid streams,  eliminating prewetting or kneading the feed material before extrusion. Mixing and forming or extrusion are completed in a single process step.

Low Pressure, Dust-Free Processing

Low-pressure mixing is ideal for combining powders and liquids to produce a paste or dough for consistent extrusion. Using the minimum force necessary produces a dust-free material with good particle integrity and excellent dispersibility.

Control Particle Size and Solubility

Control particle size and shape to specific granule or pellet surface areas. The Extrud-O-Mix produces pellets of low to medium density and strength, with excellent solubility characteristics, ranging from 0.8-10 mm in diameter.


Multiple Extrusion Options

Multiple extrusion plate configurations are available. Customized orifice or die plates allow for special shapes and sizes.

Pellet Size Control

Easily size the finished products with a shaft-mounted or auxiliary driven cut-off-knife.

Dust-Free Production

The Extrud-O-Mix accepts fine solids and outputs a dust-free extrudate, particle, or granule.

Waste Recapture

Convert your nuisance waste or process dust into value-added products.

Adjustable Internal Mixing

Optional internal orifice plates increase mixing inside the unit, ensuring a homogeneous paste.

Thermal Control

Optional jacketed design heats or cools material during mixing to induce or control a reaction, melt a binder, or heat materials to facilitate processing.

How does it work?


The Extrud-O-Mix is designed to combine mixing, kneading, and extrusion in a single unit.


The Extrud-O-Mix consists of a single horizontal shaft with a row of hammers arranged in a spiral pattern.


Solid feeds are metered into the inlet where screw-flighting begins forming a mass and conveys it forward to the mixing zone.


Liquid binders are introduced via specialized ports along the vessel. The screw-flighting on the shaft turns into hammers that help agitate the solids and liquids, beginning to form a paste. Stationary anvils and orifice plates attached to the housing interrupt the hammers, promoting mixing.


Optional internal orifice plates provide additional mixing intensity and shear when needed to form a more consistent paste. The vessel can also be heated or cooled to aid in processing.


The intense mixing produces a homogeneous paste that is forced through an application-specific orifice or die plate at the discharge. When both particle length and diameter are critical, a shaft-mounted or separately driven cut-off knife shears the pellets to a consistent length.

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All-in-one processing cuts time, cost and hassle

Discover the Extrud-O-Mix advantage: Mix, knead, form, and extrude all in the same machine.

Simplify processing while producing pastes, pellets, or granules. Gain complete control over particle size, shape, surface area, density, and solubility.

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