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2020-12-11 by Eric


The Bepex Hydramix offers hydration without particle degradation. Our self-cleaning design features close tolerances between the mixing paddles… Read More
Solidaire Paddle Dryer Header - Bepex
2020-03-14 by MillerMultimedia


The Solidaire is a highly versatile industrial paddle dryer designed for use in continuous drying, heating/cooling, reacting, devolatilization,… Read More
2020-03-13 by MillerMultimedia


Air classifying mill utilizing high-speed impact and internal classification for fine grinding solids.

roll compactor header - bepex
2020-03-13 by MillerMultimedia

Roll Compactor

The Bepex Roll Compactor is a high-pressure agglomerator, able to press fine and often highly aerated solids into… Read More
2020-03-13 by MillerMultimedia

Flexwall Turbulizer

The Flexwall Turbulizer bridges the gap between high-shear agglomeration and the need for a self-cleaning mixing operation. Using… Read More
2020-03-13 by MillerMultimedia

RP Disintegrator

Sanitary angled hammer mill for grinding, delumping, pureeing, and homogenizing.

2020-03-13 by MillerMultimedia


The Bepex Turbulizer is a continuous high shear paddle mixer able to achieve near-instantaneous mixing or agglomeration of… Read More
2020-03-13 by MillerMultimedia

RD Disintegrator

Heavy-duty hammer mill with secondary tramp material separation.

2020-03-13 by MillerMultimedia


Sanitary block grinder for breaking down large blocks of cheese, meat, fruits, and vegetables.

rubber chopper header - bepex international
2020-03-13 by MillerMultimedia

Rubber Chopper

Low speed high torque grinder for reducing large rubber bales to consistent crumb.

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