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Paddle Dryer

The Solidaire is a highly versatile industrial paddle dryer designed for use in continuous drying, heating/cooling, reacting, devolatilization, and crystallizing applications. The unit is capable of high heat transfer, mechanical agitation, and adjustable residence times. Free-flowing solids, slurries, pastes and gels can all be processed using the Solidaire, as well as wet cakes from filters and centrifuges.

The Solidaire paddle dryer consists of a horizontal agitating rotor inside a cylindrical vessel. The vessel is equipped with a heat transfer jacket which may be constructed for a variety of thermal fluids, including steam, hot oil, chilled glycol or water. The rotor is made up of adjustable-pitch and depth paddles, providing fine control over material residence time and material layer thickness.


  • Ultra-high thermal efficiency
  • Designed for temperatures up to 600°C
  • High-speed paddles break up loose agglomerates without further size reduction
  • Adjustable paddles to control residence time
  • Optional Jet Rotor design can continuously inject gas and liquids directly into your product for additional treatment.
  • Sweep gas is used to inert the environment and promote additional drying
  • Optional clam-shell body design provides quick access for clean-out and paddle adjustment
  • Continuous pressure or vacuum capable

Given its versatility, the Solidaire paddle dryer has been implemented in a variety of industries and applications. Its most common use case is in solvent recovery processes. Solvent laden solids or dissolved solids in a solvent are continuously metered into the inlet, where the rotating paddles disperse material into a ribbon-like layer or film. This thin film is in constant motion against the heated vessel walls, heating the solvent and converting it into a vapor. A heated counter-current (often inert) gas stream picks up the vapor, conveys it through a filter collector to return any residual solids to the process, and into a condenser where it is collected. The solids material stream continues down the length of the Solidaire to the discharge where they are collected or sent to downstream processes, such as cooling, milling, or blending.

The Solidaire paddle dryer system is available in multiple forms to test in our Process Development Center. With a full library of auxiliary components available, we are able to simulate an entire continuous process system at the pilot-scale, proving feasibility and generating the information we need to scale your paddle drying system to commercial capacities.

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Bepex has decades of experience in developing custom process systems centered around our Solidaire paddle dryer. Contact us today to learn how we may be able to help you develop your process.

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