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Starch and Protein


Our roots providing quality processing systems into the grain industry date back to the early 1900s, when Strong-Scott Equipment Co. out of Minneapolis, MN begin providing equipment into the thriving mid-west grain industry. We have continued to build upon this legacy of providing high-quality components to deliver unique processing capabilities for a variety of materials. Whether processing starch as a thickener, or vegetable protein as a meat alternative, you can rely on Bepex and our experience to help develop a continuous process system.


Plant Based Proteins

Bepex has developed and provided solutions for flash drying, micronizing, and modifying a variety of plant-based proteins, as well as common byproducts including starch and fiber. When paired with mechanical separation upstream, our flash dryer lower overall operating cost, resulting in lower cost-per-ton production for your valuable ingredients.

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Our systems for grain and vegetable starch processing include drying, reacting, and milling, typically for use as a thickener in downstream processing.


Don’t see your material above? Don’t worry. Bepex has processed, tested, analyzed, and worked with over 5,000 different materials. Our specialty is developing a custom continuous process system to best meet your material, production needs, and quality requirements. Learn more about some of our common food industry processes by clicking on the links below.

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