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The need and benefits of alternative proteins are vast. Growing population demands a more stable and sustainable supply chain. Increasing concern around the climate changing and the impacts from our current ways of life. The food industry as a whole continues to meet external challenges through innovation and ingenuity.

It’s no small feat. Producers along the supply chain are working to find new alternative sources of protein and develop a process to convert these materials into valuable ingredients and products.

Enter Bepex. While we won’t claim to be the one-stop solution for all of these challenges, we are best positioned to help develop a customized process system built for your needs. No two proteins are directly alike. No raw ingredient behaves the same as another. No single process system will deliver the highest quality product most efficiently for every protein and coproduct. You need a producer that has experience in developing new products and processes.


Flash Drying for Every Product

Controlled flash drying in a smaller footprint for your protein and the starch and fiber coproducts. Our PCX Flash Dryer accepts wet cakes, pastes, or slurries and dries them to a fine powder or small granules, depending on your product requirements. The PCX is able to dry dewatered, non-pumpable wet cakes, significantly reducing the size and operating cost of the overall system.

With low residence times, we minimize the heat history while effectively evaporating free moisture. When required for particle growth or process improvement, solids recycle is introduced directly into the PCX Dryer without the need for an external mixer.

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Milling in Preparation for Wet Fractionation

The fractionation process doesn’t operate if the front-end mill is down. The Pulvocron air-classifying mill delivers reliable operation and consistent milling using air-sweep to maintain low operating temperatures. Internal classification delivers strict particle size control resulting in more efficient extraction and post-processing.

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Heat Treatment for Modification

The need to modify protein functionality comes with significant challenges. Our range of thermal technologies and experience provides a starting ground to develop your modification process. Extend your R&D capabilities by bringing your difficult applications to our Process Development Center, where we can test a wider variety of unit operations to hone in on your specific requirements by modifying the gelling properties, viscosity, solubility, and more.

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Deflavoring Process

Certain proteins carry a bitter taste, challenging product formulation to meet end-user demands. Bepex has developed a steam cooking operation to remove bitter off-notes by steam cooking and stripping, using our Solidaire Paddle Dryer.

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With the widest technical range available, we work to ensure you are fit with the best process for your needs. From upstream milling and drying to downstream granulation or extrusion, you can rely on Bepex to bring a level of expertise unmatched in the industry. Develop your process today.


Developing a process with and for you is what we do. That means you get what you need, and not just what we have, to meet your specific product and process requirements. Contact us today to accelerate your product development.

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