What is the best way to address total removal of VOCs from bulk solids?

Decontamination of powders and granules is best accomplished with a Bepex Purge Vessel and Mechanical Discharge.

Strict consumer and governmental requirements dictate complete removal of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) from bulk solids. Removing these VOCs to non-detectable levels can be difficult and costly to your industrial process. VOCs are often hazardous and reactive and need to be removed in an inert gas environment, contained, and disposed of properly. Inert gas is costly and minimizing the volume of gas required for removal is critical to controlling process economics. Solid materials are reactive or temperature sensitive, require controlled residence times and often create performance issues in traditional process vessels.

Stationary gas purge dryers have been used for VOC removal from solids. However, many materials have cohesive properties that cause flow problems including arching, poor gas distribution, gas and/or material channeling, rat-holing, agglomeration or mass formation.

Resulting in:

  • Uneven treatment of material
  • Poor performance due to reduced gas contact
  • Degradation of material due to extended residence times
  • Process outages
  • Narrow operating window

To address these flow problems, stationary inserts were often used to promote flow along the walls of the bottom converging hopper, reduce bulk static pressure, and for gas introduction. These inserts create complications including mixing, gas channeling, preferential flow, hang-up points, arching or locked-in flow patterns.

Now the Bepex Purge Vessel with Mechanical Discharge decontaminates solids and eliminates these industrial process issues.

Resulting in:

  • Mass flow
  • Intimate and uniform contact between gas and solids
  • Elimination of bin inserts which can result in short circuiting or interrupted flow
  • Prevention of arching, bridging and blocking of discharge
  • De-lumping of agglomerated masses
  • Wider operating window
  • Complete VOC removal

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