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We understand that not every situation is similar, requiring a level of flexibility to provide you the service you need. Sometimes purchasing and operating capital process equipment and systems just doesn’t make sense. Sometimes you need actual product before receiving a system you have on order. Maybe you need to generate a certain quantity of representative product to gather information on how your product will perform.

Bepex has long partnered with our customers to provide custom toll manufacturing to help fill these gaps. Utilize our facility, utilities, equipment and experienced personnel to develop your product. All Bepex technologies are available for toll manufacturing, including dryers, hammer mills, extrudes, paddle mixers, roll compactors, and more.

We custom toll manufacture a wide variety of industrial products, and a limited scope of food and feed materials. We are flexible to your packaging requirements, though are generally limited to various forms of bulk packaging. If special analytical equipment is necessary to continually check product for quality, we will bring it in house.

Contact us today if you have a potential tolling operation you’d like to discuss or to simply learn more about our testing options.

Other Testing Services

Custom processing is just one of the services offered in our Process Development Center. We have programs in place at varying levels of product and process development to assist our customers in getting to market.


Interested in seeing if our tolling operation is a fit for your needs?