Image of thermal drying equipment. Thermal Drying Equipment & Systems

Understanding how much moisture is on the surface or trapped inside the individual particles impacts how you dry your materials. For example, low final moisture levels can require longer residence times and multiple drying steps. For finished product requirements where moisture levels need to be maintained, short residence time or moisture injection is employed. Bepex will run a moisture analysis in order to generate a drying curve that will help us identify the best thermal drying equipment for your process.

Bepex has designed custom industrial drying systems and equipment for a range of thermal drying applications:

Our thermal drying systems can dry your material to single-digit moisture levels in one step, or use a two-stage process for moisture levels in the PPM range. Whether you’re looking for slurry drying equipment, a wet cake dryer, or solids drying equipment, we have the industrial drying equipment to solve your application, in addition to the process know-how and testing capabilities to select the one that works best for you. Indirect drying systems offer quick, efficient drying, and our direct dispersion dryer systems provide tight control of the inlet and product temperatures for heat sensitive materials.

Image of thermally dried materials.