Thermal Processing

Image of thermally processed materials.

Thermal Processing Equipment & Systems

The consistency of your material is a key factor in determining the best thermal process system for your final product requirements. Pastes and slurries with high moisture content require process systems with specialized feeders and higher temperatures. Wet cakes and powders can be processed in a wide range of thermal processing equipment. Having a thorough understanding of your material properties is the foundation for designing optimized industrial process equipment for your application.

Thermal processing equipment by Bepex includes everything from dispersion dryers for continuous slurry drying of high moisture materials, to paddle dryers for wet cake drying, to fluid bed dryers and reactors to meet low-moisture (PPM) final product requirements. All of our thermal process systems go beyond solids drying; our systems are capable of cooling, heating, and reacting to meet your process requirements.

Our current list of thermal processing equipment includes:

All Bepex thermal process equipment is available for testing in our Process Development Center. This allows us to customize a thermal processing system to your exact specifications.

Even after your system is in place, our aftermarket technicians  will work with you to ensure that all of your thermal process systems are optimized  and continue to meet your evolving process requirements.

Learn more about Bepex thermal process technologies: