Coarse Grinding Machines & Systems

Image of a coarse grinding machine.

It is more efficient to pre-grind very coarse material before feeding into the finishing mill. Based on our deep understanding of effective solids processing, Bepex has designed coarse grinding systems and equipment for a range of applications including:

We offers a versatile range of coarse grinding machines that are capable of solving the toughest grinding applications. Whether you are feeding large rubber bales, frozen blocks of food, or lumpy baking mixes, our complete line of coarse grinding systems provides the flexibility to meet your final product requirements. Our low speed grinders deliver the power to cut through the toughest materials, while our high speed grinders create uniform, lump-free products. All of our coarse grinders have been designed with ease-of-maintenance and sanitary considerations in mind and leverage decades of experience with Rietz disintegrator technology.

Image of coarsely grounded materials.