Size Reduction

Image of materials that have been through size reduction.

Particle Size Reduction Equipment

Your particle size requirement is a primary factor in selecting a size reduction machine for your process. Coarser specifications require less energy and simpler grinding equipment. Finer materials require more energy and often more complex size reduction systems with internal classification are required. Knowing what your particle size demands are is the first step in selecting the right size reduction equipment for your needs.

As an industry leading size reduction equipment manufacturer, Bepex understands that for every material there are several grinding options, but there is always a size reduction machine that will best address your requirements. For example, a stringy material can get tangled on the shaft and grinding surfaces of a machine designed to handle powders or slurries. Reviewing your material across a broad range of mills will help determine the best size reduction machine for your process.

Our range of size reduction equipment includes:

  • Extructor – for crushing and grinding of frozen blocks or barrels of bulk materials
  • Rubber Chopper – for shredding and grinding of bulk rubber, plastic, and adhesive
  • Pulvocron – an air classifying mill for fine grinding and flash drying
  • REH Disintegrator – for coarse crushing and fine grinding in a single step
  • RD Disintegrator – for mixing and delumping of slurries, pastes, liquids, and resins
  • RI Disintegrator – for mixing and delumping of slurries, liquids, resins, and pastes
  • RH Disintegrator – for emulsifying and suspending wet mixtures
  • RA & RP Disintegrators – for grinding, shredding, delumping, or pulping of wet and dry feeds

Bepex is recognized worldwide for their outstanding quality, and commitment to innovation when developing size reduction equipment across various industries. Based on the original designs from the former Rietz brand Bepex has the technology and experience to solve your application. For coarse or fine particle size reduction, Bepex has the industrial process equipment solution to meet your needs.  Bepex can provide a single technology for one-step particle size reduction, or incorporate those technologies into a complete size reduction system to solve your industrial process application.

All Bepex size reduction equipment is available for full-scale and pilot-scale testing. With the help of our innovative Process Development Center and dedicated aftermarket process technicians. Bepex size reduction equipment can be tailored to your industrial process for optimized performance and value.

Learn more about each size reduction application: