Image of industrial blending equipment. Industrial Blending Equipment & Systems

Imparting mechanical forces into your material is necessary for a complete blend of your product components. Industrial blenders introduce differing amounts of energy and high shear or high impact blending systems can have an effect on the final particle size of your product. Fines generation can be reduced by selecting the equipment that minimizes the mechanical energy and produces the mix you need. Bepex has designed industrial blending systems for a range of applications including:

  • Hydrating hard-to-wet powders
  • Homogenizing multiple wet and dry ingredient streams
  • Product conditioner before spheronization and drying
  • Low-pressure extrusion for forming of food and chemical products
  • Dedusting of fine particles for improved shipping and handling

For decades, Bepex’s industrial blending equipment has been serving industries around the world. Our current industrial blender models are available to handle everything from sanitary food processing to heavy-duty chemical processing, with specific technologies designed for gentle to high-shear intense mixing applications. We have created custom blending machines that are recognized worldwide for their reliable design.

Image of materials that have been blended together.