Roll Compaction

Compaction Equipment & Systems

Bepex roll compaction equipment and systems are designed to produce hard, dense granules. The basic process consists of two steps. In step one, powders or fine granules are compressed into hard, dense sheets (often called flakes, ribbons or compacts) produced by roll compactors. The sheets are produced continuously or semi continuously with controlled thickness and are sized equal to the width of the compacting rolls . In the second stage, material is crushed to form a granule.

Compactor Equipment System

Compactor System (Click to Enlarge)

When size controlled granules are required, additional equipment is added to the system, including screeners. Screeners separate the granular product into different fractions, with the off-spec material being further processed. Fines or undersized materials are directed back into the compaction equipment. Oversized material is often further crushed and screened or in some cases recycled. The complexity of the compaction system depends on a number of factors, such as capacity and granule size specifications.

Conditioning material for feeding an extruder is a simple densification process where a roll compactor machine is followed by a crusher. For more complex, higher capacity compaction systems, multiple stages of grinding and screening are used. For more stringent particle specifications, additional steps like coating, drying or tumbling are added.

The resulting products from this technology are hard, dense granules, with a typical size range 150 microns to 12 mm or anything in between.  These particles are often irregular in shape and lend themselves well to metering, packaging and broadcast spreading.  The products are generally near dust free and offer excellent flow-ability and density control. Common applications include:

  • Fertilizers and Ag Related Materials
  • Feed Additives
  • Polymers
  • Low Density Minerals
  • Clay
  • Sweeteners
  • Water Treatment Chemicals
  • Salts
  • Metal Oxide and Carbonates

Image of various minerals and materials before roll compaction.