Image of a granulation system.

Granulation Equipment & Systems

Bepex offers many forms of granulation equipment. This technology addresses a range of applications. In the industrial process industry granulation systems are typically defined in two ways. One implies that the material will be reduced in particle size, and in the other particle size will be increased. Detailed information about crushing rubber bales or other particle size reduction systems can be found in other areas of this site.

Granulation here is focused on increasing the particle size of your process material either by the application of force or through agitation with liquid addition. In either case, the creation of larger granules is the result. For example, Bepex would start with a powder or fine granular feed and then test granulation system options to achieve the best granule for your application. Typically our granulation equipment is combined with other components to assemble a complete process system.

Only Bepex can supply a full range of granulation system options.
Examples of these systems are:
  • Low pressure extrusion granulation
  • Mixing granulation with high speed mixers
  • Pressure granulation via roll compactors (as shown in video here)

Bench and pilot scale testing of your material on different granulation systems is the best way to evaluate the performance in different systems and at different output rates. Bepex has designed granulation systems and equipment for a range of applications that have already been validated in our Process Development Center:

  • Fertilizers or agricultural chemicals
  • Granulation of feed additives
  • Creation of slow-release granules
  • Preparation of powders for tableting
  • Densifying polymers for packaging or extrusion

Through testing, Bepex will offer the best granulation system choice to ensure a product will meet your exact specification.

As one of the leading granulation machine manufacturers, we use high pressure roll compactors to deliver products with controlled size, density and hardness, typically without the addition of moisture or binders. Granules of medium to high hardness and with a minimum amount of dust are produced. We offer complete granulation systems to ensure control of the entire process from start to finish. Our granulation equipment includes options for milling, screening and further materials handling.

It is no longer necessary to settle for a one-size-fits-all approach. Bepex will select the granulation option that best fits your needs.


Image of granulated materials.