Briquetting Systems and Roll Briquette Machines

Bepex briquetting systems are designed to produce hard, dense briquettes of a specific shape and size. The heart of the system is a roll type briquetting press. Roll briquette machines rely on the application of high forces to consolidate fine powders and granules into briquettes. Using high pressing force, it is possible to produce a final product without the addition of moisture or binders. When additives are required, the amounts are minimized compared to those in other agglomeration processes.

briquette system

Briquetting System (Click to Enlarge)

The final products of roll briquetting systems are briquettes. In the case where pressure alone produces a stable product, briquettes leaving the roll press are screened to remove flashings and fines. The screened product is sent forward for further use and the undersized material is recycled. Should binders or moisture addition be required, industrial mixers and metering equipment are incorporated to create a full process system. Usually, briquettes produced in this manner are stable for handling but can require a curing step. Simple curing is done on stock piles. In more stringent cases, forced curing with heated air is required.

The resulting products from this technology are hard and dense, with a typical size range 12-200 mm.  These particles are uniform in shape and lend themselves well to metering, uniform gas or liquid flow in packed beds. They are also in a convenient form for recycling or product recovery.  Briquette shapes resemble pillows, almonds or flattened spheres. The products are near dust-free, offer excellent flowability and density control.

Bepex briquetting systems process many products. Here are a few examples:

  • Steel processing byproduct streams
  • Fuels like charcoal or coal
  • Refractory materials like magnesium oxide or dolomites
  • Fluxing materials like calcium oxide
  • Metal powders
  • Metal shavings
  • Sweeteners
  • Water Treatment Chemicals
  • Salts

Briquetting allows for unique and controllable final material characteristics. Custom shapes for your material can be generated to suit your needs. By selecting the right briquetting equipment and granulation systems, your specific product size and shape can be achieved and controlled.