Image of an agglomeration system.

Agglomeration Systems & Technology

Bepex agglomeration systems are capable of agglomerating most materials, but the properties of the final product may be drastically different. That’s why Bepex has designed agglomeration equipment for a range of applications including:

  • Instantizing of food mixes
  • Pre-conditioning of agglomerates for final shaping
  • Reprocessing of out-of-spec fines for saleable use
  • Forming of food and chemical products
  • Dedusting of fine particles for improved shipping and handling

Bepex offers agglomeration technology that is capable of producing granules when dispersion and solubility are the major concerns. By the accurate introduction of powders and liquid solutions into a specially designed mixing chamber, low to medium density agglomerates with good dispersibility are produced. We offer complete agglomeration systems for producing granules, with proven agglomerating devices followed by conditioning, optional screening and recycle.

Image of agglomerated materials.