Agglomerating & Compacting

Image of numerous minerals before they undergo an agglomeration process.

Agglomeration & Compaction Equipment

If your goal is to agglomerate finely divided bulk solid material into a larger form, Bepex offers a broad range of agglomeration equipment to meet your needs. As a specialized agglomeration equipment manufacturer, we offer roll compactors for powder compacting into high-density granules where moisture addition and binders are undesirable, and briquetters that can produce uniform size and shape particles.

For processes that require an agglomerate suitable for rapid dissolution, Bepex offers high-speed industrial mixers to create porous granules for instantizing applications, as well as low-pressure extrusion resulting in robust pellets that offer more controlled dissolution in liquid. Understanding your process requirements and leveraging experience with a broad range of agglomerating applications is the best way to design an optimized agglomeration process.

Bepex has designed world class agglomeration and compaction equipment. Based on our extensive experience and a thorough understanding of our customers’ materials we select the best option from our range of agglomeration technology:

Our agglomeration equipment is designed to be customized to the needs of your process. We test these options in-line with auxiliaries at our Process Development Center, then the data collected allows us to create custom agglomeration machines and systems tailored to your application.

We understand that requirements evolve over time and our process engineers provide on-going process optimization and aftermarket services. With our technology and extensive material process experience, we have the tools to design complete industrial process systems for your application.

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