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Our Process Development Center serves as your sandbox. A testing environment where ingenuity, experience, and collaboration come together to ensure every feasible option is examined. Our pilot-scale testing programs deliver value both for Bepex and for our customers.

For Bepex, it allows us to develop and design a process system to meet your needs and provide proof of concept for our process technologies. Following successful testing and demonstration, we scale our system design to your required commercial capacity, whether it’s 50 lbs/hour or 100 tons/hour.

For our customers, it provides the chance to witness a pilot-scale simulation of their process. In some cases, the product generated is salable and can be packaged and sold to determine viability and market reception.

Why test with Bepex?

  • Full inventory of our products as well as over 100 complimentary auxiliary components
  • Able to piece together various processes to fully simulate continuous operations
  • Allows Bepex to provide a process guarantee for a commercial system, providing ease of mind when going to market
  • Over 100 years of experience developing and testing process systems, handling well over 5,000 different materials in that time
  • Our equipment not the best fit for your application? No worry. We’ll bring in alternative technologies outside of our scope to confirm process viability
  • In some cases, produce representative product to be packaged and sold to determine market reception and product viability

Pilot-scale testing allows Bepex to provide you a performance guarantee on your new system. This guarantee promises that the system as designed and proven in our Process Development Center will scale and function as intended in your commercial setting.

Whether you are early or late in your product or process development, we have the personnel and experience to help bring you through to commercial realization. Contact us today to learn more about our approach to pilot scale testing, or to schedule your own simulation.

Other Testing Services

Pilot-scale testing is just one of the services offered in our Process Development Center. We have programs in place at varying levels of product and process development to assist our customers in getting to market.

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