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Our experienced application engineers will come to your facility and begin diagnosing potential struggles with your process, looking both at our proprietary equipment, as well as up- and down-stream processes. Whether you have slowly lost production capacity or quality, are changing feed or product specifications, or are looking to try and maximize throughput, our engineers can provide suggestions for improvement to your most valuable processes.

Our own portfolio of over 21 proprietary equipment designs spanning multiple processes has provided a strong foundational understanding of complete process systems. This naturally lends a deeper understanding of how our process systems are affected by upstream process, and how they impact downstream processes. If possible, we will work with your operators on-site to make improvements. Following the visit, you will receive a report detailing the process, offering suggestions for our own system as well as upstream and downstream operations.

Typical Points of Review

  • Upstream processes, consistency, and method in which material is delivered to your Bepex processing system
  • Process metrics recorded or monitored, controls logic (if any), and overall process flow
  • System feed and product quality, consistency, and throughput
  • Brief review of Bepex equipment to ensure stable mechanical performance
  • Review of downstream processes, including material discharge and transfer


Bepex works each and every day to provide the highest level of service to our customers. The services we offer have been developed and refined based on the feedback from some of our highest performing customers. At the end of the day, what matters the most to Bepex is the success of our customers.

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