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The Bepex TurboFlex is a high-speed vertical mixer specifically designed for wet granulation and instant mixing. The self-cleaning mixing chamber features a flexible body subject to consistent deformation imparted by rotating roller bars. The TurboFlex typically operates with a low material working volume resulting in a typical residence time of 0.5 to 2 seconds. This short residence time results in a high capacity machine in a compact footprint. Typical processes employed include hydrating difficult to wet powders, coating or surface treating solids, and producing a variety of quick-dispersing agglomerates or granules, including detergents, instant drink mixes, agricultural chemicals, and more.


  • High-speed continuous mixing produces consistent and homogeneous particles up to 2mm in diameter
  • Self-cleaning design reduces wear on paddles and chamber walls
  • Adjustable paddles provide precise control over mixing intensity for more fragile solids
  • Circumferential arrangement of the nozzles on top of the mixing chamber allows for up to four separate liquid streams
  • Optional built-in solids feeder for precise metering in a compact footprint
  • Completely dust-tight operation
  • Easy access to flexible mixing chamber via hinged entry doors for cleaning and maintenance

The mixing and dispersion efficiency of the TurboFlex is clearly demonstrated in the agglomeration of cohesive materials. Typically prone to build-up when processed in traditional mixers, the continuous deformation of the flexible mixing chambers prevents this material build-up, producing more consistent operation and product.

The TurboFlex incorporates air atomizing nozzles for multipoint liquid injection, providing the ability to introduce up to four separate binding agents or reagents. An optional liquid injection rotor is available to further controlled liquid injection through the mixing shaft.

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