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Mechanical Liquid-Solid Separation

The Bepex S-Press is a high capacity continuous screw press designed for mechanical dewatering, juicing, or solvent removal. It is often utilized as a standalone unit, or as a pre-drying step to remove as much moisture as possible reducing thermal energy requirements. Sanitary design makes it suitable for use across the food industry.


  • High capacity sanitary press for continuous dewatering, juicing, and solvent recovery
  • Independently driven rotor and regulated cone section provides instantaneous pressure regulation
  • Variety of screen designs provides additional versatility to meet your material and process needs
  • Split-screen design provides easy cleaning and maintenance
  • Optional CIP designs available for the highest sanitation requirements

The S-Press is compact and offers high throughput continuous operation. It is primarily used in dewatering and juicing applications processing a range of food and fiber solids. Materials that tend to pack, or are otherwise considered unpressable are not a challenge for the S-Press. With three points of separation, this screw press will maximize output and recovery.

The Screw Press is just one of the liquid-solid separation technologies we employ to develop industrial process systems that meet your application requirements. At Bepex, we are committed to developing the best separation process systems using the right technology. Between our proven industrial process equipment and decades of experience serving the industry, we are able to design a separation system that is right for you.

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Bepex has decades of experience in developing custom process systems centered around our Screw Press. Contact us today to learn how we may be able to help you develop your process.

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