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The Purge Vessel is a hopper dryer typically incorporated into processes requiring near-complete removal of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) from bulk solids. The Purge Vessel is typically utilized to lower VOC content down from 1-2% to PPM levels by providing a counter-current flow of heated purge gas across a bed of material. Near absolute plug-flow and precise gas temperature control provide high consistent continuous drying and VOC removal.


  • Proprietary mechanical discharge promotes near-absolute plug flow for high control over residence time
  • Extended residence times from hours to days
  • Low gas volume requirements minimize operating costs
  • Near-complete VOC removal
  • Wide window of acceptable feed materials

Material to be dried typically enters the hopper via an inlet port near the top of the vessel. Feed is usually pre-heated from the initial solvent recovery process. A proprietary Mechanical Discharge, outfitted with a slow-moving sweep arm provides near-complete plug-flow operation, ensuring true first-in-first-out material flow. A relatively small heated gas flows counter-current to the bed of material, providing efficient and cost-effective removal of VOCs.

The Purge Vessel hopper drying system is just one of the thermal technologies we employ to develop industrial process systems that meet your application requirements. At Bepex, we are committed to developing the best thermal process systems using the right technology. Between our proven industrial process equipment and decades of experience serving the industry, we are able to design a thermal system that is right for you.

Purge Vessel Hopper Reactor Mechanical Discharge

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