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Twin-Rotor Paddle Mixer | Hydramix

Twin-Rotor Paddle Mixer

The Bepex Hydramix offers hydration without particle degradation. Our self-cleaning design features close tolerances between the mixing paddles and the vessel walls to reduce material buildup and inefficient mixing. This self-cleaning design provides more consistent operation, greater mixing capabilities, and reduces maintenance, resulting in increased productivity.


  • Low-speed gentle handling of all particle shapes with minimal degradation
  • Fully-intermeshing twin rotors provide excellent mixing while keeping surfaces clean of build-up
  • Liquid injection nozzles can be located anywhere along the length of the unit for precise control and optional staged addition
  • Residence times of minutes to hours available, depending on the length of mixing or reaction time needed
  • Ideal for sticky or cohesive materials
  • Low shear and mixing intensity preserves particle shape and size, minimizing particle fracture typically seen in high-speed mixing
  • Operates in a continuous fashion, with capacities ranging from 5-100 ft³/hour

The Hydramix at its core consists of twin intermeshing paddle rotors operating at different speeds in a covered trough. While powder is continuously introduced, liquid is simultaneously injected through nozzles positioned along the vessel to match the mixing or reaction requirements. The unit can be jacketed and rotors heated to aid in reactions or prevent sticking.

It is capable of high-production rates while offering residence times in excess of 60 minutes. Mixing speed and paddle angle can be adjusted separately to vary the amount of mixing energy imparted to the material independent of conveyance requirements. Ultra-low rotor speeds result in low-shear operation to provide excellent mixing while preventing particle damage even during long residence time operations.

In combining the available benefits of gentle handling, self-cleaning, precise residence time control, available heated jacket and rotors, and customizable liquid introduction, the Hydramix offers economical and efficient options for carrying out reactions. It is often used in reacting various feed supplements for introduction as a nutrition enhancement.


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