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Low Pressure Extrusion | Extrud-O-Mix

Low Pressure Extruder

The Extrud-O-Mix is a low-pressure mixing extruder that bridges the gap between mixing/blending and particle enlargement equipment. Able to uniformly mix multiple powder and liquid blends to produce consistent, free-flowing dust-free pellets or granules. It is well suited to produce pellets of low to medium density and strength, ranging from 0.8-10mm in diameter. Widely used for solid agglomeration applications offering good dissolution or in the production of paste-like cream and fillings in the food industry.


  • Low-pressure mixing ideal for combining powders and liquids to produce a paste or dough for consistent extrusion
  • Mixing and forming, or extrusion, are completed in a single process step
  • Multiple extrusion plate configurations available for increased flexibility to meet your product requirements
  • Uses the minimum force necessary to obtain a dust-free material with good particle integrity and excellent dispersibility
  • Optional jacketed design for tempering of the material during mixing, often used to melt solids to aid in blending

A single horizontal shaft carrying rows of paddles arranged in an interrupted spiral pattern move material through the cylindrical chamber. Stationary anvils and optional internal die plates prevent material from rotating with the shaft and exerts additional energy into material providing homogeneous blending. Liquid streams may be introduced via one or more inlet ports anywhere along the vessel. The intense mixing results in a consistent paste-like blend just before being forced through extrusion plates at the discharge. When both particle length and diameter are critical, a shaft-mounted or separately driven cutoff knife shears the pellets to a consistent length.

The Extrud-O-Mix low-pressure extruder is just one of the agglomeration technologies we employ to develop industrial process systems that meet your application requirements. At Bepex, we are committed to developing the best agglomeration process systems using the right technology. Between our proven industrial equipment and decades of experience serving the industry, we are able to design an agglomeration system that is right for you.

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Bepex has decades of experience in developing custom process systems centered around our Extrud-O-Mix low pressure extruder. Contact us today to learn how we may be able to help you develop your process.

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