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Reacting Processes

Continuous reaction processes often require strict control over material temperature and residence times. Aim too low on material temperature and your reaction may never initialize. Hold material too long and you may risk degradation, product loss, or simply over-reaction leading to wasted product and lost revenue. Bepex thermal products have been used in reaction processes since they were introduced. Many of our reaction processes in the field are full systems provided by Bepex, including metering equipment, pre-heaters, post-coolers, and other complementary process technology. Our earliest operations centered around polymerization and other reactions in the polymer industry surge. More recently, we have provided finely controlled reaction systems into the animal feed industry to produce a variety of trace minerals used as feed additives.


Reacting not quite what you were looking for? Take a look at our other thermal and mechanical separation processes to see if there is a better fit for your application.


Our indirect thermal technologies have largely accounted for our offering into reaction processes, given the fine control over time and temperature that is achievable. Each of these products are available for testing in our Process Development Center. Click below to learn more about each product, or contact us today to begin your project with Bepex.

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