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Blending & Mixing Equipment | Dry or Wet

Mixing and Blending

Bepex has long been providing varying mixing and blending processes, ranging from instant mixing to particle blending. Whether simply mixing multiple solids to a homogeneous blend, or adding moisture or binder to form agglomerates, Bepex has a range of proprietary technologies to offer. The system or operation we recommend will be based on your feed material(s), binding agents (if any), product size, solubility, and strength characteristics.

Typical Mixing or Blending operations

  • Blending multiple solids to produce a homogeneous mixture of dry materials
  • Instant mixing fine powders and liquid binders to produce a dust-free powder for rapid dissolution
  • Mixing multiple materials, including a liquid, to form a plasticized  or paste-like mass to be extruded through a die/orifice plate
  • Mixing fine solids and liquid binders in a wet granulation system


The recommended product for your mixing application ultimately depends on your feed materials, product requirements, and end use characteristics. For simple blending operations to combine multiple feed streams and form a consistent product, our Turbulizer paddle mixer is most commonly used. For pre-mixing and extrusion to a cylindrical granule, we would look at our Extrud-O-Mix. For basic wet agglomeration, either of our Turbulizer paddle mixer designs would likely be the best option.

All of our mixing and blending products are available for testing in our Process Development Center. No pressure if you’re not exactly sure which product would be best for your application. We’ve been designing systems for decades, and have the experience needed to make quick, educated suggestions on which route is the best for your application.


Mixing not quite what you were looking for? Curious to learn more about some other agglomeration methods? Take a look at our other common mixing and agglomeration operations to see if there is a better fit for your application.


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