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Fine Grinding Machines and Micronizing Equipment


Micronizing serves a pivotal role in particle processing systems, aiming to break materials down into fine powders either as an intermediate step or as final salable product. In the food industry, we often see fine grinding systems in place in the production of various grain-based ingredients, such as starches, flours, and fibers. In industrial applications, our mill is typically found as an intermediate step, in front of downstream processes which rely on a consistently ground powder, whether for thermal treatment, homogeneous mixing, or extrusion.

Our fine grinding mills are entirely customizable, designed to fit your application. Our most popular fine grinding technology is our Pulvocron air classifying mill. High-speed impact fractures material into fine powders. An independently driven internal classifier provides instantaneous sorting. By thermally conditioning (i.e. heating) the inlet air stream, simultaneous drying and milling is achievable. In fact, about one-third of our installed applications utilize the Pulvocron as a fine grinder with drying function providing high evaporation rates and producing a low moisture fine powder.

In liquid applications, we have technologies available for producing purees, or for shearing fibrous materials in suspension. Our angled disintegrator provides suitable operation in these applications by simply customizing the internal components. In fiber applications, our sharpened knives provide the shear necessary to cut through fibers producing a fine grind. In liquid puree applications, such as grinding a pepper mash, our standard hard-faced hammers provide the force needed to break apart solids and form a homogeneous paste or liquid.


Fine grinding not quite what you were looking for? Curious to learn more about some other size reduction methods? Take a look at our other grinding or milling operations to see if there is a better fit for your application.

Fine Grinding Products

Below are our most commonly used fine grinding technologies. For fine grinding solids, or grinding and drying wet cakes or pastes, our Pulvocron air classifying mill provides efficient operation and mechanical design built for easy maintenance. For liquid operations, our RP Disintegrator is well suited to provide a homogeneous paste or shear your fibrous materials in suspension.

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