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Instant Mixing

Instant Mixing

Instant mixing is widely used as a means to produce highly dispersible solids, such as powder detergents, drink mixes, agricultural chemicals, and water-soluble polymers. This operation requires moisture addition or a binder and often requires drying or curing of the wetted agglomerate. The product, once cured in a drying step, is typically sent through a size classification process, which separates out the desired product size for a consistent product. In most cases, the fine particles are recycled as feed, and any oversize particles are milled to produce on-size material. Instant mixing, much like all of our agglomeration operations, is a zero-waste process.


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Instant mixing equipment at Bepex includes our Turbulizer and FlexTurbulizer paddle mixers. High shear and short residence times provide a consistently agglomerated final product no more than 2-3mm in diameter. When wetted, the solids tend to dissolve quickly providing use in a variety of instant drink mixes as well as in agricultural spray applications. Click to learn more about each technology below.


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