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Bepex extrusion technology is built around our low-pressure Extrud-O-Mix, which forms cylindrical pellets with diameters ranging from 0.8-10.0 mm. The resulting product is a dust-free, homogeneous noodle, pellet, granule, or particle with good dispersion qualities. Our Extrud-O-Mix is often called on to blend multiple feed streams, whether solids/solids or solids/liquids, and then extrude the homogeneous mix. Widely used in the production of clay blends, plastic additives, detergents, food creams and pastes, and animal nutritional supplements.


Extrusion not quite what you were looking for? Curious to learn more about some other agglomeration methods? Take a look at our other common mixing and agglomeration operations to see if there is a better fit for your application.

Extrusion Products

Extrusion equipment by Bepex is limited to our Extrud-O-Mix low pressure extruding technology. The output is generally a dust-free particle with good dispersion, or dissolution characteristics. If a highly densified, strong granule is the desired product, we offer our Roll Compaction as a viable alternative, assuming the feed properties are a proper fit for the process. Whether you know what type of extrusion you need or not, we are always happy to take a look and offer our input. Click below to learn more about our Extrud-O-Mix single screw blending and extruding equipment.

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