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Mechanical Separation & Dewatering

Our dewatering systems revolve around our Screw Press mechanical separator. For thermal dewatering or separation, head on over to our drying processes for more information. Mechanical separation often plays a vital role in process systems, whether extracting juices from fruits or vegetables, drawing out free moisture prior to thermal drying operations, or in safely removing and recovering solvents. Mechanical separation offers a cost-effective method for reducing moisture in a solids mass, often lowering the operating cost and heat input needed in downstream drying processes.


Mechanical separation not quite what you were looking for? Take a look at our other thermal and separation processes to see if there is a better fit for your application.


If mechanical separation is your goal, the Bepex S-Press may just be the best solution for your process. With origins in the food industry, the press features a sanitary design and multiple variable control for fine-tuning your process. Optional CIP designs and tool-less access available for your most stringent cleaning needs. Feed size too large for efficient pressing? No worries. Our RP Disintegrator often gets paired up with the Screw Press to grind materials ahead of pressing, exposing additional surface area for maximum yield. Not sure what to do with the press cake after the screw press? Send it over to our PCX Flash Dryer or Pulvocron to dry and grind it to a powder. All of these options, along with multiple screw presses are available for testing in our Process Development Center. Click below to learn more about our Screw Press.

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