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Continuous High Capacity Delumping

Material inconsistency proves challenging in both wet and dry continuous process operations. In wet operations, lumps in a slurry or liquid material stream clog strainers, nozzles, and fine perforation tips. In dry processes, they result in inefficient thermal and agglomeration operations or end up in the final product reducing the quality. For nearly a century, the Rietz Disintegrators have been used in applications to delump and homogenize materials. Bepex is proud to carry on the Rietz legacy in providing easy, drop-in delumping mills to improve your continuous process.

Dry Processes

In dry applications, lumps pose efficiency issues downstream in thermal and agglomeration applications. Other times it simply means an inconsistent final product which reduces quality and efficacy at the end-user. Our most common dry based delumping takes place in bakery mix applications, where the introduction of shortening increases the odds of lumping in material. Our RP Disintegrator breaks apart these agglomerates to produce a consistently sized homogeneous final product.

Wet Processes

In liquid or paste based applications, the material stream often moves through in-line strainers, or atomizing nozzles typically implemented in spray drying. Lumps in the material may clog these fine perforated transitions, meaning unnecessary downtime for cleaning and reduced product quality. Our RI Disintegrator is an in-line hammer mill designed to drop into your piped application to consistently reduce these lumps, allowing continuous operation without material plugging or clogging.


Delumping not quite what you were looking for? Curious to learn more about some other size reduction methods? Take a look at our other grinding or milling operations to see if there is a better fit for your application.

Delumping Products

Our Disintegrator line of hammer mills has long proven to be both operationally and mechanically reliable in the efforts of delumping inconsistent material streams. The RP Disintegrator is well-suited for both wet and dry de-lumping. The RI Disintegrator serves as an in-line wet grinder for your liquid applications. Learn more about each technology below.

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