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Continuous Briquetting Press, Systems, and Equipment

High Pressure Briquetting

Briquetting is a form of pressure agglomeration or particle enlargement in which there is a specified shape, size, and density. Utilized widely in a variety of applications from charcoal briquettes for grilling to salt pellets for water treatment. The high-pressure application often means that no liquid binder is needed for cohesion, allowing you to avoid the added cost of heating and curing as seen in other forms of agglomeration.

The Bepex Roll Compactor consists of two counter-rotating rolls held under pressure, which uses force to compress material and bind it together forming your specified shape. Roll pocket designs are customizable to meet your size and shape specifications. A feed screw mounted above the rolls pre-densifies fine feed, while providing de-aeration if necessary, and delivers a consistent feed stream to the briquetting press. Roll timing is adjusted at the factory to precisely align the roll pockets to produce a consistent briquette, pellet, or customized shape.

A typical briquetting system consists of the Bepex briquetting press, a screener to separate and recycle residual fines, and any finishing equipment necessary if rounding or finishing the edges is required. Our briquetting systems are implemented in a variety of applications, including:

  • Steel processing byproduct streams
  • Fuels such as charcoal or coal
  • Refractory materials like magnesium oxide or dolomites
  • Metal powders and shavings
  • Sweeteners
  • Salts and other water treatment chemicals

Other Agglomeration Processes

Briquetting not quite what you were looking for? Curious to learn more about some other agglomeration methods? Take a look at our other common mixing and agglomeration operations to see if there is a better fit for your application.


For high-strength briquetting or pelleting applications, we utilize our MS Series Roll Compactor. Our briquetting press produces consistent size, shape, strength, and density briquettes, almond-shaped pellets, tree spikes, and more. Learn more about our Roll Compactor below, or contact us today to discuss your briquetting application.

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