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Continuous Block and Bale Grinders

Bale and Block Grinders

Large bulk feed materials often present handling and processing issues. However, in most cases, large bulk forms of materials present an economical way to package, transport, and ultimately sell materials for further processing. Bepex has two proven industry solutions to grind large bulk materials into a more suitable size for efficient processing. Our Extructor is a sanitary block grinder, primarily used in the reduction of cheeses, frozen meat, fruit, or vegetable blocks. The Rubber Chopper is designed to reduce bales of natural or synthetic rubbers to a small crumb size. In both applications, the primary goal is to increase the available surface area providing more efficient dissolution, cooking, or downstream grinding.

Both Bepex technologies are designed around the premise of low-speed high torque operation which provides the power necessary to shear through the large material without excessive heat input. This design philosophy means there will be no degradation of material due to excessive heat rise, and increased component wear life given it is a low-speed operation.


Block grinding not quite what you were looking for? Curious to learn more about some other size reduction methods? Take a look at our other grinding or milling operations to see if there is a better fit for your application.

Bale and Block Grinders

Our solutions are primarily utilized in the chemical and food industry, though can be applied into other industries and applications alike. Each process and product design is customized to your application, ensuring the best possible fit providing the highest operational and mechanical reliability. Learn more about our block grinding products by clicking on one below.

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